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The key to stopping a pandemic is with mitigation, you cannot stop a respiratory infection with vaccines you will only make it worse, you will also create fear and riots that will cause super spreader events, we need to be focusing on mitigation, this includes, the right masks that filter down to 0.1 microns, the right testing a molecular point of care test, testing methods how we test people, hygiene and proximity.

Lockdowns do help a little but only at the first stage of the virus, these can only be sustained for so long with economics, the last thing we need is economic crash and or people scared loosing jobs and business as this will create more riots and spread the virus even more, lockdowns and vaccines will make the virus much worse.

This page is dedicated to mitigation we will point out the best masks and explain why, we will point out the best tests to use in a pandemic to stop the spread and why, and we will be explaining how to test people without causing incubation settings, we will also explain far UVC light and how it can be a key player in the eradication, and we will explain proximity and explain how the virus really travels.

This is very important as the virus can suspend outdoors on a still day for up to 30minuets, internally it can be 24 hours, we need to treating this virus as if it is in the air, only 10% of the spread is through touch 90% is aerosol spread from breath so we should be wearing the masks everywhere we go at all times for this to work.


This is a very important area, the advice on this must be 100%, if we are advising people we need to be giving them the right advice, 90% of this virus is spread through the air this is called aerosol or incubation setting, and 10% is spread through shared touch points like handles and buttons, we need to be giving the right advice, currently advisors are saying to only wear masks indoors or on transport, a lot of places have stopped these mandates, a lot of places like the UK are saying we are seeing the virus retreating, but with over 100,000 cases a day I find this very reckless, we need to be treating this virus like it is in the air everywhere we go, the virus's micron size the width of the virus is between 0.06 to 0.14 microns in width, this is very hard to filter with conventional masks, we need a mask that fits tightly to the face and can filter down to 0.1 microns we cannot go smaller than this without using canister face masks.

This virus can suspend outdoors on a still day for up to 30 minuets, so if someone is infected walking down the street anyone that comes into contact with there path of breath is potentially breathing in infected air and runs the risk of becoming infected, indoors this can be up to 24 hours, so we need to be using the masks in all outdoor and indoor areas to ensure full protection, imagine you could see the smoke from an E-Cig for 30 minuets bouncing and hovering down the street, well this is how the virus travels but we cannot see it.

The incorrect advice on masks and how to use them, the incorrect advice on testing and how to test is driving the pandemic, the mandates for vaccines are causing riots and protests that are creating super spreader events that are driving the pandemic, all these choices and actions from advice we are given by the advisors is actually spreading the virus even more, they are driving the virus with inadequate advice, the vaccine does not stop transmission so it should never be favoured at an airport or another setting, the vaccine its self sheds spike proteins, below you will find what mitigation is and how to advise and how to explain and address the situation we are in.

Missed areas of mitigation are going to be the reason why this virus will return of after we think it has gone it will emerge again, these will include things like buttons, bus stop buttons on the bus, train door open buttons, car door handles from taxi's or shared transport, cash machine buttons, service lift buttons, petrol pumps, key pad entry points, handles, door handles, all these areas that we take for granted are shared touch points, think about it in a place like London someone could press the bus stop button 1000 times in a day, if the first person had virus on there fingers it could be transmitted in these areas, it is unlikely but it still holds around 1% of transmission 1% is enough to drive the pandemic out of control again.

These areas need addressing for all viruses and germs shared touch points spread colds, flu, and other germs and super bugs, in these times of antimicrobial resistance we need to take these kinds of approaches towards design, we can use copper plates and surfaces to counteract this and we can use UVC light clasps, getting all this into place may seem a little daunting but it will help us with all viruses not just Covid-19.

The next most important area for any pandemic, and pandemic preparedness is testing, this is very important we get this right, the tests we use and the methodology can either contain a pandemic or they can make it worse, it is very important that we are using the right tests and in the right way.

Many advisors are making big mistakes, there are two main styles of testing procedure, lab testing and point of care testing, lab testing needs a specimen to be sent to a lab and can take up to 72 hours to get a result, this is not a good choice for obvious reasons, point of care testing is key to stopping any pandemic as you can get a result at the place of taking the test

Then we have types of testing ranging from antibody tests, antigen tests and molecular tests, most molecular tests fall into the NAAT'S category, NAAT stands for nucleic acid amplification test, they use nucleic acid to open the virion or cell wall and then thermal amplification to multiply the genetic material RND or DNA so that the test can get a higher molecular load making it more easy to read or register.

Then we have the testing methodology, how we test is just as important as what test we use, many countries are advised to take tests indoors, many modular buildings have been erected to be a base for testing, this is very dangerous as it can create an incubation setting, below we will explain how to test people properly with mitigation dynamics at the core of the process.


Many advisors have chose the wrong tests, some have chosen antibody tests, some are choosing antigen tests, some are choosing molecular tests but lab based molecular testing, below we will show you why they have chosen the wrong ones and we will explain the right tests we should be using.


Lab based testing is not the right choice for pandemics, they have many disadvantages, you need complex lab equipment, thermal cyclers and highly trained scientist to carry out the test, the other issues are the logistical challenges of testing high volumes of specimens with so few labs that can actually carry out these tests, we run the risk of loosing results and getting mixed specimens. we also have another issue of fraud, many places like RT diagnostics have been using the pandemic as a way to scam people, places offer testing and then don't carry out the tests and just send a fit to fly certificate or show a negative result, this is very dangerous for obvious reasons, we have this kind of fraud in almost every country, this brings me to the last reason and the most important reason of why we shouldn't be using these tests, the idea of a test is not to randomly test people in different areas on different days as they will just mix with untested people it is a complete waste of time and money.


In a pandemic a test should be used as a screening process, so point of care testing is going to be key to stopping any pandemic from spreading, they do not need to be sent to a lab, they are not held by fraud, and you get the result at the point of care like an airport, using a test from days ago doesn't show that you are not infectious at the time of entry, testing at the time of entry is how we stop the pandemic from spreading further.


The type of test we use is very important currently, there are antibody tests, antigen tests and molecular tests, and we are using all the wrong ones, the antibody tests will just tell you that you have previously have an infection and your body has made antibody's, this is useless information, if you have antibody's you can still spread or pass the infection on, having antibody's doesn't mean you cannot spread the virus it jut means that your body will not have to go through the 5 day pre-antibody trial of finding and making the correct antibody meaning you will have a lower viral load, stopping or slowing down the virus replication process in host cells, you can still have a viral load and you can still harbour high amounts of spike proteins or virus cells in the nose or throat area, using an antibody test is reckless and pointless it does not show you are safe or unable to spread the virus it just means you probably will not get as ill or be hospitalised, many places are taking these as passports into countries thinking that they are safe or unable to spread the virus, this is very bad advice and it is fundamentally wrong.

Antigen tests are also not a good choice they detect molecules that interact with the virus, these molecules can take longer to appear than the virus so detection take longer as the body doesn't make enough for detection until there is prevalent viral load in the body, this means that many newly incubated infections can go undetected, not only that but the molecules for detection only produce a small amount and the sensitivity of the antigen test is not good enough to pick these up, these tests in the real world give a 50/50 false positive result when you take into consideration all these factors.

Molecular testing is the best way to get through any pandemic as they test for molecular matter of a virus, all other testing should be stopped, we should only be using molecular testing it is by far the most accurate testing available, this will show if someone has a molecular viral load in the body and if they have a live infection not a previous infection, there is two kinds lab testing and point of care testing, so following the ideology from the above we need to use point of care testing, a point of care molecular test is able to screen at the time of entry for a molecular virus, this will tell you at the time of entry weather they are infection with a live virus or not, there are two main competitors for this PCR tests and LAMP tests.

PCR tests are bound by fraud as you need to send them off, imitation companies or unregulated or unchecked companies can fraudulently give what ever result they want, and there is also an opportunity for manipulation, again the PCR needs thermal cyclers and highly trained personnel to perform the tests and you are trying to gain entry at the time of entry with a test result from days ago, this is not good enough, you could of picked up the virus 20 times over in them few days.

LAMP or RT-LAMP tests are the perfect choice, they are molecular test using NAAT's technology, and they are point of care tests, these give the highest accuracy and test for molecular virus at the time of entry so they will instantly tell you if they are carrying a live infection and of they are at risk of spreading the virus, Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) tests can be carried out with great accuracy showing a result in as little as 20 minuets, the RT LAMP using reverse transcript technology can do it even quicker around 15 minuets, there is also the added benefit of being able to use saliver instead of a swab making them much safer to use especially on younger children.

Then we have testing methods, many places are using internal testing places either rooms in buildings or modular pop up buildings to carry out the testing, this is very dangerous as they are incubation settings, if you have 2000 people come to a testing unit in a day and they go to the same area or use the same seat, they will all be taking off there masks to get swabbed, this can dislodge the virus spores or particles into the air, anyone else entering the room and taking off there mask is at risk of breathing in the infected air, there is a way round this by using FAR UVC light in the room to help disinfect the air but fundamentally all testing should be done outdoors where possible, using an open air gazebo is perfectly fine, airport testing should be done before entry to the building not in the building where it can suspend for over 24hours circulating in the enclosed space infecting potential air that people will breath in.

So to recap we need to be using a point of care molecular test, and we should be using outdoor spaces not internal rooms, the best test available is a LAMP or RT-LAMP test, these tests should be used on all borders, these should be the only way you can gain entry onto a plane, boat or passing borders, these should also be used for large events ect...

Other testing would need to be a molecular test that uses NAAT's technology and point of care usability.

Using a vaccine that does not stop transmission is not going to ever stop a virus or pandemic, it does not show if you are infectious or not, it does not show if you are carrying a live infection, and also the vaccine its self sheds spike protein so the vaccine is driving the pandemic, we should only be using point of care molecular testing to ensure full mitigation, any advisor who tells you otherwise is not advanced in virology dynamics and should not be giving advice on pandemics.


There is however some hope with a new technology for testing, I have found two promising new ways for POC point of care testing, firstly a Breathalyzer test, and secondly an Ionizer test that looks for biomarkers, both can produce accurate results in 50 to 60 seconds, the Breathalyzer test does this by taking a breath sample.


The breath analysis technology functions by identifying volatile organic compounds (VOCs) existing in a person’s exhaled breath. VOCs are continually produced by several biochemical reactions in human cells. Different diseases cause specific changes to the compounds which result in identifiable changes in a person’s breath profile. Hence, VOCs can be measured as markers for diseases like COVID-19. The test is commenced by having an individual blow into a single-use mouthpiece connected to a high-precision breath sampler. This is then fed into a mass spectrometer for calibration. The result is generated after a special ML software analyses the VOC profile by generating a ‘bio-fingerprint of COVID-19’ in under 60 seconds.

This comes with some issues, price point and portability, it is a large machine and carries some costs, this can be used at airports and large places but it is not really portable and not really point of care testing in the real world, if this could be developed in a hand held device like a police alcohol breathalyser then it may be more viable, but the technology looks promising.

Top companies using this technology are Breathonix a Singapore based start up, and Imspex Diagnostics in Wales, Breathonix seems more accurate with a near 100% accuracy and Imspex seems to be 80% accurate but Imspex has only trailed with 100 people, the benefit of Imspex is than it is hand held, these two companies could work together to find a crossbred device that is not just accurate but hand held.


Established in 2002, Kidod Science & Technology is a global provider of Near Patient Testing systems and advanced diagnostic solutions. The company aims to improve patient care by providing rapid and reliable information at the point of care (POC), delivering patient information when and where it is needed most.

The company developed the Virion TestTM, a cutting edge medical device that can detect the outcome of replication and translation of Covid-19 Virus in the subject cells of a patient in under a minute, using a simple saliva sample.

Our device uses IMS technology that enables tracing the tiniest amounts of volatile chemicals that can be ionized.

Our Virion TestTM is specially developed to detect as low as 150 picograms of each type of amino compounds and polyamines in saliva.

This test could be a game changer, currently it needs a computer with basic computer skills to operate or read the outcome, but it may be possible to add a processor that can give the diagnosis without a computer, this detects the effects of duplication, it does not look for a viral load or RNA, if this can pick up a virus as early as a molecular test and can be made without a computer where by it flashes a light on the device if virus is found then this will be the best tool we have second to the correct masks.

Further development is needed with this technology, it has been put through trials and is effective but to gain us the chance of zero covid we need it to be one point of care and portable without the use of a computer, the initial cost may be expensive but compared to multiple test kits it will be a lot cheaper after mass testing as only a new swab in needed every time you test a patient. 


The importance of masks and mask regulation in a pandemic is the most powerful tool in fighting pandemics, it is imperative that we have the right mask on, this goes along with regulation, if people are left to sell any mask then we are not protecting people, this is the most underrated part of any pandemic and especially COVID-19.

We need to get this right, the virus is between 0.06 to 0.14 microns meaning an average size of 0.1 microns is the target our mask must aim for in achieving filtration, we need masks that filter down to 0.1 microns, but we also need masks that fit the face providing an almost air tight fitting, it is pointless having the best mask in the world if there is gaps at the sides and gaps at the top or if it is falling off there face.

These masks need regulating, we need to only sell masks that protect against a virus, currently the best disposable/reusable masks is the N100 cup fitting mask, this has a hard cup structure, it fits tightly onto the face providing a good tight seal, when you breath you will breath through the mask fibres and not the gaps, this mask also has a protection level of 99.97% down to 0.1 microns, this is by far the best mask that we can produce on large scale numbers at an affordable ask, other masks may include N99, KN99 or a KN95 bare in mind that the KN95 only gives 95% filtration down to 0.1 microns but is still a viable mask, all surgical, cotton, foam and cloth masks are useless and give barley any protection, the foam masks are the worst and who ever invented these should be fined along with advisors who never spoke against them, these have been pushed in our stores in every country, we need to get this right and it starts with the masks.

The N100 mask can be hard to breath through if you are spending long hours in a classroom or an office it is advised by virology for covid to use the ones with vents in, this will make it much easier to breath, bare in mind that this will only protect the user if used with a vent, and if you have any viral load you can breath out the spike protein or virus, if everyone in the room has a mask they cannot breath it in but they can still carry it on there clothes, this can be counteracted with far UVC light.

We can improve these masks using copper threads, copper kills viruses after 10 to 20 minuets of contact, this would make the mask a self cleaning mask and with the hard cut design it would make it a reusable mask, a reusable mask that self cleans is the answer.

The very best mask we should all be using is a canister gas mask, these will give the ultimate two way protection, they are easy to breath through, and if we use the full face ones they will ensure 100% protection as this virus can enter through the eyes as well, they are easy to use, the problem is manufacturing, costs and logistical challenges of providing everyone with a canister mask, we should be pushing for these to be manufactured and at the same time we should be making N100 masks, we suggest to give the canister masks to the densest areas first and we all use a N100 mask until we receive a canister mask.

If every single person had a canister mask on we could eradicate this virus in a month or maybe two months, until we can give every single person a canister mask we should all be using the above or an N100 mask, this is the only way to end a pandemic, we need a big manufacturing push to make these masks.

We will show some pictures below of what these masks should look like.

virus_mask_n100- diffrerent designs.jpg
N99 & KN95 MASKS
full face gas mask.jfif




UVC light ultraviolet germicidal irradiation sterilizes surfaces and the air, these lights can be used everywhere to contain the virus, there is another kind of UVC light that is used in some hospitals that needs close contact or needs to be emitting the room for some time, the intensity of the light is also part of how it will disinfect, many company's claim they can kill germs but only 50% of them actually can, we need to be careful where we get these from, there needs to be regulation and advice on how to order these and a list of reputable places to order from, there is however another kind of UVC light called FAR UVC, this uses the far spectrum and is safer to use around people, it has a greater reach in its sterilization effects making it very effective in pandemics, we need to be using these in as many places as possible, communal hall ways, tower blocks, lifts, buses, trains, all incubation settings, offices, schools the possibilities are endless of where we can be using these lights, these will give an excellent protection and help reduce the virus and other viruses in almost ever setting they are introduced to, we could even go as far as to incorporate these into street lighting and the UVC led or diodes would stay on 24 hours a day.

Using UVC light will not only protect against covid-19 but it will reduce all viruses and pathogens, we need to change how we look at designs of city's and built up areas as we viruses rising and antimicrobial resistance in medicine, soon medicines will stop working for various reasons, we have built up an immunity to them, we over use them, and the viruses and bacteria's have evolved to evade medicine, UVC light or FAR UVC light will reduce not only covid-19 but almost every other virus from colds to flu virus, and bacteria and any other pathogens that may be harbouring on surfaces like handles or buttons and also in the air of these shared spaces.

Filters may also help a little, HEPA filters will help a little but without internal UVC light it will be very minimal, there are some manufactures out there like RENSAIR that offer UVC light and HEPA in the same air conditioning unit, there may be others but this is just for reference.

Air conditioning units in buildings apartment block and tower buildings usually circulate the air and they may be an area where the virus can spread, we need to be focusing on this potential problem, we can use UVC light in the ducting or plasma shocks, but ultimately UVC light will be safer and more effective.




This is another missed area of transmission, parcels and letters can harbour viruses just like any surface can, there is no protocol for these areas, we could use UVC light of spray disinfectant but the internals of a parcel or letter could be where the virus is, so really the best way to approach this would be to have 72 hour quarantine on all items, using a combination of UVC light disinfectant sprays and a quarantine of 72 hours will ensure that we are not spreading the virus or sending it into any other countries, this may seem a little excessive but we have to remember that this virus will have started from just one or a few people, we need to be aiming for a zero Covid-19 strategy of eradication, of the variants will keep on coming for ever.

We need to approach every single place possible if we are to eradicate this virus and by following these measures we will not only stop covid-19 but also many other viruses.

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