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In this section there will be case studies written by advisors, these will be new ways to deal with a pandemic and the current epidemic Covid-19, also, cancer, Aids & HIV, Mental health and much more, this site is new and is under construction constantly, please take the time to read through these cases studies and share with medical establishments, leaders or the public, this can be used for educational purposes or for further research, we are also available to work and give advise, contact us in the contact section.

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Anchor 1




*Building viral resistance.

*Bodily functions and m-TORc1 & m-TORc2.

*Children and Covid.

*Cell mutation & variants.


*Herd immunity implications.

*Alternative cures.

*Vaccine fears.

*PPE supplies & machinery – (Strategic factory headquarters – UVC light sterilization, list of suppliers.

*Importance of mask regulation.

*New mask design.

*Emergency management 3rd world.

*Testing improvements – Logistical testing labs + LAMP testing Point of care.

*Spreading of the virus.

*Long Covid.

*Zero Covid strategy.


*Balancing some phased lockdown safely.



*Schools, universities, Care homes, highly populated areas.


*Treatment facilities.

*Dealing with suspected patients before entry.

*New help for cancer patients.

*Utilizing UV-C light in all areas.

*Transmission areas.

*Strategies to help keep restaurants and indoor public spaces open.

*Simplified plan.



I have gone into detail on all aspects of this virus, in this plan it will point out all the areas of transmission, alternative cures, air suspension, many areas that are over looked with the virus, I have also explained the reasons for protests and riots and a new way to get through the pandemic, I have noticed that in some areas of the world there is a higher fatality rate, this could be a vitamin D deficiency there are currently about 1 billion people worldwide with a vitamin D deficiency, we need to alert people to take vitamin D supplements, the variations in diet may be the reason why some areas are having higher fatality rates than others, I know India has a vitamin D deficiency in most of the population there.

I think we really need to look at this seriously as the vaccines are causing problems, side effects, deaths and lots of fear, the vaccines and lockdowns are causing riots and protests that are increasing the variants, so it is very important to stop the vaccines and find a new way to carry on through lockdown this will slow the variants, it is new technology and we need to be really careful as it may cause problems in the future, all my cures are safe in the way that they are not modified and they are not dangerous, these can be used to treat the ill and instead of vaccines and boosters.

The problem is with the vaccines causing side effects, deaths and the long term side effects are unknown, also the vaccine passports is forcing people into having potentially dangerous vaccine, and it will force people into getting a smart phone, the riots are because people don’t want a vaccine and they don’t want their faces collected nor a vaccine passport, because of these ideas people are thinking it is part of something else, vaccines will not work because there will always be a very large percentage that will not have it, also the logistics of trying to vaccinate everybody every 6 months is going to be impossible especially when most don’t want it, also we need to think about the dangers of having multiply vaccines different chemicals in our body’s this is really scaring people.

We can screen the population and help them build up resistance in other ways, treating the ill is the only way through this as the protests and riots will get worse and you will create a divide that is far worse than what we see today, the vaccines may be adding to the variants, we are seeing an alarming rate of mutations and it may get worse, we need proximity, isolation, the correct masks and LAMP testing to eradicate the virus, if it was put to the public in this way with no vaccines then the riots would calm down and they would isolate and help in this new way it would bring hope to the people, it would take away the fear from the people.

I think an issue is the way we are testing, air suspension plays a major role in the spread of the virus the virus can suspend in the air for 30 minuets, there is a Sri Lanka strain that can suspend for 60 minuets this is going to make it more difficult to contain, if we are using indoor spaces for testing then when people approach the testing spot, they remove their masks for the swab, this could be an area where the air borne particles are harbouring waiting for the next person to come along and remove their masks, it is possible that they are breathing in the air borne particles from someone who is ill, the problem also is that it won’t show on a test as it takes some time to circulate the body to then show up on a test, it would be best to use an outdoor open air space maybe a gazebo setting or you could take a finger pin prick of blood so that you don’t need to take off the mask, I still think that testing centres don’t work as the way population moves around could infect people that have just passed a test, the best way really would be to either send everyone a home test and everyone does them at home, and or we have ongoing screening for border travel, and public places using LAMP or RT-LAMP loop mediated isothermal amplification tests, there is another test ID now from abbot labs but it may be expensive and not readily available in high numbers from a production stand, this is going to prove difficult in third world countries.

It is going to be hard to get people to wear masks all the time, I think that we should be wearing a N100 or KN95 mask or above, all the time from when we leave our house if it is a built-up area, places like India worries me as it is very busy and crowded plus, they are not wearing masks and still holding festivals. We need to be wearing masks that filter the small microns, Covid cells are 0.06 to 1.4microns, a cup style mask is the best as it fits the contours of the face and creates a seal this will stop transmission of the virus. They are hard to breathe through but they are the best mask that is affordable.

The best thing really would be canister masks, there the best protection in any pandemic, mouth and nose ones or full-face canister masks for comfort.

We need to stop mixing different vaccines it doesn’t even make sense, it is dangerous if you need two then it is a for a full function of one vaccine, using two different technologies won’t give the effect of a full single vendor vaccine, it is very dangerous to do this on large scale with humanity, please we need to look at other ways, the number of people that have died from the vaccines is really shocking, this is off one vaccine, then the booster jab there will be more deaths, and these only produce antibodies for a few months so if we are ongoing vaccinating indefinitely then the deaths are going to be very high, if we are seeing this many deaths each round of vaccines then it is going to add up each jab round, also especially in America they are having rises in case in areas where they have vaccinated this shows that the vaccine is not working.

Also the tromethamine hydrochloride, Polyethylene glycol (PEG) in some vaccines may lead to neurological problems it may increase molecular weight in vessels this is probable causing some adverse side effects, also binding of different nucleic acids can build-up the extra prions and may lead to problems in the brain.

Also, if anyone who has had Covid in the last year, they wouldn’t need a vaccine any way as you will already have the antibodies, regardless of the antibodies or vaccine it will still circulate in population and create variants over time, the best way would be to try and isolate, screen and filter with masks and a new strategy to keep transmission low, otherwise you will have riots and protests and the people who have had a vaccine or antibody thinking they are safe, they may well be but the risk of transmission and mutation into another variant is still there, we would be best eradicating it, this is very difficult to do but it is the only way you will stop the chaos, also again vaccines are not 100% safe and not logistically viable for every 6 months in every country and there is dangers.




Here is an intro explaining calming the divide, please can you read it and all the following sections as I believe it will help massively.

This is very important I’m going to talk about the basic exit strategy and new way forwards with a simplified version then continuing there is in detail more cures and relevant information, also calming the divide.

I want to start by talking about the protests and the anguish that is happening on a global level there is a divide between leaders and the public, there is a lot of suspicion and the divide has mainly started over the vaccine, as the idea is to vaccinate the population as a preventative measure, I understand why this would be put forwards as a one cure for all to try to efficiently eradicate the virus, the problem is that it’s a new rushed and untested properly vaccine and people are scared, there’s a few reasons why people are scared, their scared of being put at future risk of side effects, many have died soon after the vaccine, there all made differently, some use Cas9 to change the helix letter codex and people fear it could change DNA, cas9 is not in the vaccine, it is for changing the letters but I think people will fear the worst, there are many reasons ranging from deaths, also blood clots and major side effects, regardless of if some of these are true, if the majority of the people think these things then it’s true to them, and by not forcing vaccines is the only way you will calm these people down, it has also been alerted that anyone with allergies cannot take the vaccine that’s 30% to 40% of the population ranging from asthma to hay fever, If you combine these figures with the hordes of endless streets of anti-vax protest’s that adds up to a lot of people, these people are not being ridicules or awkward it’s a genuine problem.

Other reasons for the riots is the lockdown and loss of businesses, so by using LAMP testing before entry, we could keep these places open with the correct PPE and ongoing testing.

We also have tensions building especially with China, China have had a lot of blame for the virus and I think a lot of anger is pointed towards China, the virus was detected in Barcelona March 2019 some 8 months before Wuhan, it was found in sewage dating back to March, also it has been found in blood samples in Italy September 2019 again before the outbreak in Wuhan, we need to stop blaming China for the virus and try and make peace, I’m worried for the build-up of naval forces in the area from many countries and fear it may be the start of a war we need to avoid that at all costs, we need to get it out of our heads that China inflicted a virus, I know information was suppressed and it looked suspicious but it wasn't known at the time to be this out of control and I think the fear of panic and loss of trade and blame maybe the reason behind this suppression, it was in my opinion a mistake, another thing is by sending lots of war ships it looks aggressive o fence and not defence, many innocent people could be hurt and this show of power and it will only make it worse in heightened times.

Europe and the effects of Brexit have really taken their toll, they were nearly at war over fish, now we are seeing that they are all starting to divide in Europe, it is causing new stresses on trade and security of many businesses and leaders, I’m thinking it is the start of the angry nations and it needs to be avoided asap, now is not the time for Brexit and countries splitting up, it is having a backlash on Ireland now they are rioting over the Brexit changes, all these riots are only going to spread the virus more.

The more we push with a vaccine the more unrest there will be on the streets, the riots will get worse and bigger, these are only the people who will go outside and protest there will be many others at home who also don’t want it but feel they have to, the added protests and riots will put added stress on leaders and with the way tensions are at the moment this could turn into something much worse, we need to come together and stop the divide, there is no trust, there is that much controversy in every aspect of this virus to the point that people will not believe or trust especially when they are forced to have a vaccine.

Also because of forcing vaccines, the riots it’s causing is only going to spread the virus more, it has shown to be dangerous with bad side effects and some fatalities, by using LAMP testing instead of vaccine passports to open up the economy this will calm down the riots so that it will stop the spread of the virus.

It’s become mandatory because you cannot travel without proof of vaccine, and employers are looking at asking for vaccine passes, even restaurants are going to be asking for a vaccine pass, so it’s mandatory unless your homeless and never travel, this is going to cause very big problems and create a divide far worse than what we are seeing today, for now it’s between the leaders and the people then it will be between the people who have had the vaccine and the people who have not this needs to be avoided.

The only way to stop all this chaos, is to cure only the ill, and to stop all forced vaccines this may sound dramatic and I know a lot has gone into this, but the bigger picture, it will cause chaos with the forced vaccines we need to avoid this, we are already seeing riots in every country on unprecedented levels.

Gain the trust back so that you can gain order not chaos, and apply a proper partial staggered lockdown so that the hospitals are not over run and we cure only the ill, we could give them harvested antibodies as a top up treatment every couple of hours to elevate their antibody count, these are not genetically modified or fused cells they are just harvested and copied so shouldn’t really need much thorough testing, also colloidal silver, I have also included other similar role medicines below with a full action plan and pointed out all the areas where it could be spreading, there is also PPE if needed, and a bit about correcting PPE and upgrades in some places.

This is probably the best way to control the virus, is to send everyone a test kit so they can do the test themselves at home and everybody does it on the same day if anyone is positive then they must self-isolate, this would be best repeated a few days after just to make sure no one was missed, I think we may have an issue with apartment blocks and shared housing but if we keep testing it will be the best way, it’s better than vaccinating, it’s safer than vaccinating, and also it will stop the protests and build back trust.

To have molecular or LAMP tests everywhere ongoing and isolate if necessary with these new treatments for inpatients at hospital or anyone suffering, we need regulation for N100 or KN95 masks as well, as other masks are inadequate this could be an area of the virus spreading..

Using a staggered partial lockdown to keep hospital emissions low and then we treat the ill people only, seems genuinely like the most realistic way of getting through this and stopping the chaos, as soon as we stop forcing the vaccine most of the protests will quieten down, if you can gain trust that way then maybe you can talk again and stop the divide enough to be able to build bridges with the public and from gaining order we can establish a staggered lockdown just enough to keep businesses going through the outbreak.

The best way to do this is for business to operate as locally as possible, also large places could operate with low numbers and local staff only this will stop the spread across towns and cities, there should also be testing point of care before entry to minimise the risk, also to work from home where ever possible, if we all had home testing kits and did them couple times a week for the foreseeable future.

We need to be testing people before flights and off flights using LAMP testing or point of care molecular tests, this could be done before they enter the building or airport and also wheeled steps from the planes to a gazebo open air test area, the LAMP test can be utilised in many areas to keep the economy going, I think currently you do the tests indoors and through air suspension from people gathering at the same spot to do the test it may be spreading.

I think an area of transmission is in supermarkets and internal buildings, you are best to say that only N100, KN95 masks or masks that are FFP3 grade can be sold, as many masks are inadequate to filter the small microns of the virus, some of them have vents that make it easier to breathe but only protect the wearer, if everyone was wearing one it would be OK, many of the masks being sold are not good enough to filter the small microns, people are wearing masks thinking they are protected when they are not, this could be one of the areas where you are getting most of the spread, using a service at the door may be a better way to avoid incubation, I have put more on transmission further down.

A good way to prevent becoming too ill is to have good Zinc and vitamin D & C levels, high levels of Zinc will help greatly, also gargling salt can kill the virus using osmosis, and lemon oil this will help keep people from getting to ill, also a nasal spray, these combined with the correct masks in areas where this is possible will help so there shouldn't be as many going to hospital if their struck by the virus, mega dosing vitamin D & C can also be used as a cure, vitamin D sets of the VDR regulates the expression of numerous genes involved in calcium/phosphate haemostasis, cellular proliferation, and immune response that fights viruses, I have more data below.

This added with a partial staggered lockdown should be manageable with the treatments for the ill and we shouldn’t see high death rates, the economy could partially still continue, riots should have stopped and the anti-vaxer panic will have stopped and this will regain trust between the people and the leaders.

I have some therapy's that should be looked at seriously as a treatment for the ill and if we can use these with no fatalities and we can filter through screening with the correct masks and LAMP testing.

I have a solution to the problem for a way of cure for only the ill and a way of screening to find all the infections to swiftly counteract the virus and the anguish that is happening globally.

To harvest just the correct antibody from the plasma and using this as a top up, every so many hours to elevate their antibody count so they can fight the virus, the main reason they get so ill is because they don’t make enough antibodies or and also they don’t make them quick enough for many reasons obesity, underlining health problems, underactive immune systems and diet, there are so many factors as to why, so by using these as a top up we can ride out the illness whilst having this kind of therapy, I have included similar methods to boost the immune system in the action plan ideas continuing from this intro.

Point of care setting these are LAMP tests (loop-mediated isothermal amplification) they are cheap to produce and can be produced on large order, by setting out a date, and using harvested antibodies, with the order of LAMP tests we can efficiently screen and cure only the ill, there relatively easy to perform the test, maybe we could send everybody test’s in the post for them to perform the test themselves at home and if they were positive then they could isolate themselves, and if they became ill they could go to the hospital for harvested antibody treatment, this would also show them it is real and provide more trust and help calm the divide, if however you cannot send everybody a home LAMP test kit then you could just keep testing to point of care entry and use the masks.

This approach will calm the nation’s public and the anguish by giving a new way forwards and will help rebuild the trust and will stop the divide, we also need to look at the fear aspect of the news and media the way everywhere you go there is reminders, I understand this is so people always wash their hands and always abide to distancing and so on but its too much and it may be causing more fear than hope so we need to try and take the stress away from the media as there’s too much fear and mental health anxiety it really needs toning down.

I understand there is tensions building form leader to leader, and also between the divide and we need to try and be more accepting and work together, we need to try and take the seriousness and stress caused and irradiate a happy vibe from media to public to leaders.

People always want to blame, but this will not change anything we cannot go back to change it, whoever's fault it is is irrelevant, if we keep perusing who to blame it could end up in a war, tensions are already building, we cannot blame them for acting slowly or for making mistakes we all have in this pandemic, no one shut off all travel, no one took it serious at the beginning, I personally don’t think it came from China, if we look at the history of the virus it started in the 70s and has mutated, it’s the effects of pollution, the food cycle and to many microwaves, coal emissions being the worst, we pollute our waters feed bone mix food and have intensified the microwaves, micro plastics cause toxicity in livers and kidneys in animals and these actions can change the enzyme and protein breakdown and causes mutation in viruses so that they are able to jump to humans or other animals, I know many people are thinking its the gain of function experiments but I honestly believe its a coincidence, they really are looking for cures for corona virus because there is a rise of corona viruses, it just so happens that it was publicly known first in Wuhan, its strange being near the Lab but it was found long before in Barcelona March 2019 in sewage and Italy September 2019 in blood samples, so it can’t be from there, Maybe because they do a lot of work with corona viruses they were able to recognise it first, even if it was from there retaliation will not change things it will just cause war or more problems, we should just say every country needs to stop these kind of testing labs to avoid future problems, diplomacy is not met well with China on these kind of subjects and I believe the lab is still open but many countries have these kind of labs that need closing for the safety of the people.

I know there’s a lot of anger towards China between America, China and Australia and other places, the EU at the moment is all against each other, the middle east tensions has escalated, all these sanctions and tensions are making it worse for everybody in every angle, I think we should all put blame aside and work together and move forwards, I also think Brexit should be stopped as at this time I don’t think it’s needed added stress, plus psychologically it’s dividing nations, all of Europe are starting to divide now and they are turning against each other, it’s also because of the vaccine supply’s, I hope this isn’t the start of the angry nations because it seems like it’s the beginning of the angry nations and we want to avoid that at all costs, these tensions around the world are not going to help the pandemic, we are all struggling and need every resource we can as get, if one country gets more ill it will only have a backlash to us all though travel, food, famine and other problems associated with sanctions and trade tariffs we need to unite and put blame aside and help each other.

There is a divide between the public and the police, this is because the public see the police as taking away all their rights and their being heavy in some cases, the police are only doing their job but their the frontline so the public are battling with the police this is mainly because of the vaccine, the public feel like they are being pushed into a vaccine that they do not trust or do not want, I know a lot has gone into the vaccine and a lot of money but judging by the way the cases are rising and lockdowns it could end up in civil war, especially in some countries we don’t want it to end up like Myanmar, by stopping vaccines and easing lockdowns with LAMP tests and the correct masks we could keep infection rates low and keep the economy going without the fear of vaccines this would stop the riots and make people feel safer and give them hope that it is not being forced on them, the riots are causing a lot of infections and the riots are caused by intense lockdowns and forced vaccines mainly so this is the way out of this to build unity.

I think by putting forwards a new plan not to vaccine the population, together with a new plan and some clarity on the PPE and screening and testing improvements we can calm the world down and build it together.



So, we need to harvest the correct antibodies to be used as a top up cocktail or vaccine, for ill people in hospital not as a prevention, also please look at the other cure alternatives I have included very important, ranging from colloidal silver to nebulizing hydrogen peroxide, I do believe colloidal silver could be a game changer, I have included other potential cures below that needs looking at seriously.

Order the LAMP testing kits or any molecular test that can be done quickly, at point of care as we don’t need to wait for results and post and so on, we need to be testing for live infections not looking for immune resistance as were trying to screen out the ill. This may be achievable through self-testing at home. Hopefully with LAMP tests, or any test for home use that will enable a screening to some degree, and use the LAMP tests everywhere, the best way is to send everybody a test to do themselves. Or just have testing in places of gatherings and ports and so on, it may cost too much to send everyone a test, do not use testing centres or internal building as the air particles can transfer when you go for a swab and take of the mask in a shared area, all so the congregation of the test centres.

Granted this may take some time to get these in place but if it’s all organised together, then we can put this plan forwards and explain to the public that we are not vaccinating everybody, then I think this strategy will bring more trust and hope to people that are in fear.

This virus is very advanced in the way it can mutate it seems to have noticed that the antibodies suffocate and granulate the cell, it has evolved with a lot more protein spikes, meaning that you would need more antibodies to suffocate each cell and this will put added strain on the antibodies count, also the more spikes or peplomers the easier it can bind to a host cell, the more spikes the larger surface area the antibodies will need to cover. Which is why an antibody top up will work better, I also think with all the different variances of mutation it is going to be very difficult to vaccine but with each new infection if we were able to take the antibodies from the ill person and harvest them ready for a therapy for other ill people this may be the best approach. As there is a lot fewer ill people to cure, than there is to vaccinate everybody, and boosters, curing only the ill is the best way and the only way to calm down the riots and protests, and the safest way.

I think another way would be to send everyone LAMP tests kits to perform themselves, if they could do this weekly or regularly. From home, Firstly the best way would be to have a full lockdown for one week with everybody having LAMP tests at home on the same day and again near the end of the week, that way anyone that is shown to be positive can self-isolate until they pass a test, this way you can screen through the population efficiently and eradicate the virus without Vaccines.

This would be harder to do in third world countries, and I know money is tight globally, this is cheaper or on par with the price of vaccines, but infrastructure and manufacturing may be harder, but if every country took this ideology towards pandemics, then it would eradicate without vaccines, this can still be done with this many global cases, every country would send every person 4 LAMP tests they would do these other a 2 week period with a full lockdown in the first week.

Then we would really be best to replace all the masks being sold with canister masks and regulated cup fit design, N100, N99, KN95, or KN99 masks, I think the main issue is people are being told just to wear masks in shops and buildings and when they come out they take off their mask, this virus can though air suspension be in the air for 30-60 minuets travelling down the street so if anyone walks in their path of breath they will become infectious, it is very important that we wear the masks at all times from the moment we leave the house, maybe not so much in rural or suburban areas, but all towns city's and built up areas this is defiantly needed.


Have LAMP tests at entry points so things can stay open.

Use N100, N99, N95 or KN95 masks as most don’t filter to small enough microns, canister if possible.

Use supplements Zinc, vitamin D & C. To help protect and Colloidal silver to cure.

There is also a nasal spray that is 99% effective, extra defence this could be sent to all homes, they would still need a mask.

Use harvested antibodies as a top up every couple of hours for hospital patients, Or use silver.

Open alfresco places or outdoor.

LAMP test or a quick molecular test similar to abbot laboratories. Could be used for restaurant’s ect..

Also, to keep work and places open, to only as tight and localised staff as possible, no large numbers and work from home if possible.

All items in and out of countries and maybe postal as well need some kind of UV-C sterilisation, quarantine or disinfectant.

Many places are using hotel quarantine after travel and this must be putting strain on the finances, a better way would be to use LAMP testing before entry into the building or airport, and when leaving the aeroplane down wheeled steps for an outdoor test. This is the best way to stop it from spreading from country to country, a similar method must be used for ports marine and boats.

We need to avoid vaccinating everybody, it’s new tech and not tested properly also there are many possible side effects and deaths and you are also aiming for booster jabs, treating only the ill is the best way safest way, testing and the correct masks is the way to stop passing infection, keeping good zinc and vitamin D levels.



* Antibody catalogue.

* Zinc.

* Vitamins D & C.

* Salt osmosis.

* Alkaline.

* L-protein.

* L-Glutamine.

* Branch chain amino acids.

* Sprays and gargles.


Antibodies made from being infected should last for years, may be a life time but probably shorter from a RNA virus than it would be from other kinds of infections, they have a half-life, these can vary depending on the kind of virus, different viruses create a different innate immune response, therefore there is no need to be vaccinated as they will already have the antibodies that they made from the infection, the first time you get infected you make different antibodies in a pre-antibody trial to find the right one, it is still possible to get reinfected but you will already have the correct antibody so you shouldn’t get as ill as you will skip the pre antibody trial, a vaccine will not increase this or make any difference at all if anything it would make less antibodies as there is less of a signal response give to alert the antibody to be produced, innate immune response will be less from a vaccine than it is from the real infection.

Zinc helps fight infections by boosting the production of antibodies against infections, it can also balance the calcium ions in the bonding structure of cell membranes, it’s a base metal and is essential for the body’s immune system, zinc copper iron and magnesium are the for base metals that will keep a stronger immune system, it will also stop the virus from replicating in the body.

Vitamin D interacts with the VDR receptor and prevents diseases this is best in mega-doses and can be used as a treatment as well as protection, globally there is about 1 billion people that have a vitamin D deficiency, supplements will make a big difference, Vitamin C in mega-doses will prevent you getting really ill from Covid, it won’t cure it but it may just safe your life.

Salt osmosis, this can be very use full for killing viruses and pathogens that can harbour in the throat and nasal passages or even the oesophagus, Salt Ormus is good for balancing the body’s PH and gut PH.

Alkaline is a very important body regulator the more alkaline in the body the better the PH will be, viruses and bacterium find it difficult to thrive in an Alkaline environment so reducing the acidity especially in the gut can help massively.

L-proteins and glutamines also give the energy delivery for signalling pathways and also help regulate the body's system's, Branch chain amino acids are what supports the building blocks of cell structure and cell communication as signal pathways need these branch chains to successfully operate, these are easily found in protein shakes.

Sprays and gargling can prevent you getting ill and kill germs and viruses left on the throat and nasal cavity, povidone iodine can be used as a spray or gargles and will give protection for up to 6 hours, Taffix a spray made in Israel can also do this some citrus sprays will also kill the virus and gargling salt will kill the virus in the throat these are just extra precautions people can do before and after journeys with a mask to ensure viral loads are destroyed before they enter the system or catch onto any ACE2 receptors, a cheap item anyone can carry around these would be a good line of defence in many countries, using a spray, a mask that filters 0.1 microns, hand wash and zinc supplements, would make you near invincible to Covid.




A few recent cases of Covid has unfortunately resulted in patients needing amputations through the blood clotting, this mainly effects the main arteries in the legs but has been found in fingers as well, a major cause of clots is a build-up of arterial plaque that builds-up in the arteries and restricts the flow an underlining restricting problem that escalated the effect from blood clotting, either to many platelets forming, or binding together, there are a few ways to prevent this, Aspirin thins the blood so it can move more freely, warfarin will also thin the blood, and we also have Gingko Biloba and Allicin, the beauty with Gingko Biloba is that it’s also used for oxygen circulation and this won’t thin the blood as much as the previous two, but will slightly, and there’s also the elevated oxygen benefit as well.

Building up a resistance to the virus will better prepare the body for a viral attack, by elevating your Zinc levels and vitamin d and vitamin c this can be done with supplement, also gargling salt water daily will kill any bacteria or viruses in the oesophagus or larynx using osmosis on the virus or bacterium.

Also cut out acid's try keep your body PH as Alkaline as possible viruses and bacterium find it difficult to thrive in an Alkaline environment combined these things will greatly help.

Keeping good levels of L-glutamine, L-protein and Branch chain amino acids usually found in power shakes or a good whey protein look for the list of branch chains.




The m-TORc inhibitors control cell division and cell growth these have a lot to do with governing the communication between cells as a regulator through protein pathway cognition, when the proteins decay, and also when the Schwann cells the myelin sheaf protective coating swells it restricts the communication rate, the mitochondria inside the Covid cell gives the RNA and cell it’s energy this absorbs the energy from the m-TORc’s, meaning that the m-TORc’s cannot properly power the body’s natural cells as good, this is why it’s a good idea to keep your nutrient and vitamin levels high so that it can power the communication between cells, this also keeps the Covid going, but it’s the only way to keep bodily cells to a normal.

The other reason is the brain stem pressure, this is caused by two things the swelling in the Schwann cells and also the Blood Brain Barrier stops letting oxygen delivery directly through, this adds pressure onto the brain stem and causes more problems for the functionality of the neuron and axon communicative delivery to the body parts through nerves that controls the muscles that contract or retract to function the organs, a good way to get direct oxygen through the blood brain barrier is with Gingko Biloba extract so by having the supplements and the extra oxygen flow this should intern help the body to function better, and Nigella Sativa oil will reduce swelling in the Schwann cells.





Many Children are fortunately asymptomatic meaning they don’t really show or have symptoms this is good that most of them don’t get ill, the issue is they can go undetected as being infected and they can harbour the virus knowingly passing it to parents and so on, this is why it is important to get the dynamics of schooling perfect as it may be an incubation setting as schools have between 200 to 600 pupils from the whole area, one infection could spread through the class room and be taken home or be brought into the school unknowingly as their mostly asymptomatic, in many countries many children are vitamin D compromised, on average 50% of children have low levels of vitamin D, so a good way to keep them safer is to give them Vitamin D supplements, also Zinc will help slow the replication process so make sure they have good levels of zinc in their diet or take supplements, the other issue is the mask, now many children have been forgotten about many don’t have masks while the parents walk around a shop with a mask on, also they seem to wear adults masks a lot of the time, we need to be ensuring that they are protected just as much, we need a cup style face fitting mask that fits the contours of the face and a mask that filters down to 0.1 microns or below, many can be hard to breathe through so I would suggest getting one with a vent, this however can still pose a risk as partials can be exhaled if they have the virus and travel in the room now if everyone is wearing a mask they cannot inhale it but it may be carried on their cloths and taken home with them, although this is unlikely it is a possibility, so it is worth keeping an eye on things and transmission rates if they are using the masks with vents in, it is near pointless them wearing a mask that doesn’t fit or that doesn’t filter close to 0.1 microns, many companies are selling masks from sports to organisations and they cannot cope with 0.3 microns, so the level of filtration is not there to protect them, as long as the mask fits the face and filters down to 0.1 microns you should be OK, two cloth ones or a regulated surgical one that fits the face may be OK if they are child's sizes only if they are finding it too hard to breathe through the more restricted N99 N100 KN95 mask, I’m hoping we don’t get to the point where we all need canister masks, if this virus gets much worse it may be the only way to eradicate it, but every country would need to be using the canister masks, we are seeing rises in cases everywhere and we need to take extra care with the dynamics of air transmission, a good thing to do in schools would be to have UV-C light in low wattage and or an Ozone filtration device or a COVID attenuation device to help clean the air, open windows will help but it is going to be getting colder now in many places.

Testing at entrances would take hours for all the children and indoor testing may spread the virus and by that time of diagnoses internally you may have infected others that will not show a positive result until hours later after their tests were carried out, I think we have options, video link and learn at home, or keeping washed hands surfaces and a mask that fits the face and that filters down to 0.1 microns, along with filtration devices in the room or air sterilisation from UV-C light this would need looking into further with many hours open to contact with UV-C light but I think a low wattage should be OK, if not there are attenuation devices that clean the air and Ozone filters. This would make schools safe to be in, it must be very scary for the very young children and extra care into their mental health is needed, reassurance and help at school, try and keep them away from watching the news and give them constant reassurance,

The barriers they sit behind I don’t think will do anything and may cause an isolation psychological problem, just spaced desks and the correct mask.

Also, do not vaccinate them it is too risky and the fact that many are asymptomatic is going to be better that the effects from the vaccines, we just need to focus on curing them if they are ill, the vaccine has shown that it does not stop transmission, and you can still have a high viral load, so it is best to avoid vaccinating children, also with the dangers of the many endless side effects and the future risk of lipid shells and spike proteins collecting in organs and ovaries in high concentrations, so we really need to avoid, at all costs, vaccinating them, I know they have polio and tetanus vaccine but it is different technology and has been tested over 10 to 20 years, let’s not rush into this there is another way, plus the polio shots and so on.. do not require booster jabs every however long you were planning on doing, the fear is at high level for them we need to avoid this and reassure them.

My conclusion is an air filtration device either an attenuation device, HEPA filter air purifiers, or Ozone filtration, with UV-C light, distancing and a face mask that fits the face and filters down to 0.1 microns, this should make schools more than safe for in school learning.

If there is still a rise of cases after these measures in place then upgrade the masks to child’s KN95 N99 or N100 and or with vents if they cannot breathe well, this should be OK, if we are still seeing a rise then it is either canister masks or school closures.

Treatment in hospitals would need extra care and there are many options on the list of alternative treatments many of which are natural, Nigella Sativa oil, mega dosing vitamin C, D and zinc, or ionised silver or (colloidal silver), monoclonal antibodies if early in the virus, or harvested antibody cocktails given in intervals to elevate the antibody count. There are also options for inhalants to be used.




We are seeing mutations on an unprecedented level, some of it is from the infection passing through people, the more people it passes through the more chance of variants, this is why it is very important to listen to the riots and find a medium to calm the riots as it will increase the infection rate, most of the riots is because of forced vaccines and lockdowns so if we chose a new way that could go along side that maybe the riots will calm down.

I think we need to look at the way vaccines are designed, mRNA and cutting parts of RNA and stitching together to make a RNA mainly for the spike protein may evolve or mutate just the same way the virus is mutating, some may be changing the letters in the helix codex, the charged electrons may have some kind of memory and some of the letters may be changing causing a mutation the same way it does through a virus, not only that but there are many different vaccines in circulation in many places adenoviruses, lipids shells are being used and there may be an element of mutation happening.

Another problem is recombination through proteins and ribosomes from two or three live infections in a body at the same time, let’s say you got infected by one variant and then a day or two later you caught another variant the protein or ribosome may somehow be breaking off and through recombination fusing to create a new variant, this is a worrying and misunderstood area of medicine that needs taking seriously.

Cell mutation is the biggest problem, this can be caused by trying lots of different medicines as the Covid cell will try and mutate to counteract its depletion, this seems to be a very smart virus unfortunately, the latest strain variant has developed twice as many spike proteins (peplomer, s-proteins) so what this means for medicine is that to granulate the cells through apoptosis we’re going to need maybe 50% or twice as many antibodies to suffocate and granulate the cells, this may be another area where the vaccine won’t perform, as the vaccine will just give you the antibody catalogue and reduces the pre-antibody trial from 5 days, so you will make the antibodies instantly giving you a head start, but you may still not make enough antibodies to cover the surface area of all the extra spike proteins, so by using an antibody top up every few hours well can elevate the antibodies numbers so that it can deal with the extra surface area to cover.

Also, the way some of the vaccines are made is by using viruses or using parts of viruses, these can mutate just like the virus can mutate, some of these vaccines may be mutating into viruses, nearly every vaccine has been new methods never used before it’s dangerous.

It would be great if we could pick out the Covid cells mitochondria and shut it down but unfortunately this is hard to pinpoint without stopping other normal cells, I have another section with a little on m-TORc’s and signalling boosters that may help



The recombination of the DNA RNA from the virus or the joining of viruses creating a hybrid cell may be happening for a number of reasons, I’m going to explain why and also how to counteract the effect.

One way is that it could be a mixture of two variants, the ribosome of the virus or the protein that copy’s RNA helix strands may my jump around and swap between different strands resulting in a hybrid mixture.

Another would be to assume that the different vaccines could be a reason, mRNA vaccine are new and use new technology one being cas9 and there may be some memory of it somehow.

Other vaccine makers are using strange combinations, some stitching spike proteins with chimpanzee cells, there all made differently and must pose some risk of mutating or merging in recombination.

The last worry would be 5G calcium channel disruption and calcium influx in breached cells, this may be causing fragmentation and mutation.




A lot of countries are aiming for herd immunity, as they believe this will give them resistance to the infection or virus, in reality herd immunity is impossible, we don’t even have herd immunity to flu or the cold, the main issue is that unfortunately the virus has passed through a known 210 million people it has already acquired many mutations, for it to even be possible for herd immunity it will have to have passed through 7 billion people, the number of mutations will be uncontrollable, there will be to many mutations for the vaccines to keep up, the mutation will be that different from the first Covid cell structure that it may as well be a new virus, herd immunity is not possible and it is definitely not a good idea, the vaccines will not stop this from happening and it will causes more problems and side effects, we cannot rely on herd immunity, or the vaccines, the current plan to vaccinate every half or full year is going to be logistically impossible to vaccinate the world and also the serious dangers of doing such a task with multiply chemicals is not good, I do believe with the correct masks and LAMP testing we could possible still screen this virus out, it would be a very very hard task to do in many countries as there is not much money and everybody is fed up with compliance, but if you were to stop the vaccines and passports and digital ID, then it may give hope to the people and they would comply with the rules needed to screen out the virus, the biggest problem if the financial side of things to be able to one fund the new plan, fund the testing LAMP tests needed and to fund all the masks, and also to find the high volumes needed for the correct masks, there is an option for double masks where you would wear two surgical masks I think that would have to be done until the high volumes were found or made, the best way really would be for everyone to have a N100 or N95 disposable cup fitting mask, with a vent if their struggling to breathe, this will protect the wearer but if everybody was wearing them it wouldn't matter, this would make them so much easier to wear for long periods of time, and it would protect against oxygen deprivation that can be damaging for long periods of time, it is going to be hard pushed to find the high volumes needed for these masks with vents in though.



*Harvesting Antibodies.

*Monoclonal Antibodies + improvements.

*Nigella Sativa.

*Ginkgo Biloba.

*Hydrogen peroxide.

*Silver electrolysis + Silver nano particles. (I would like to use this, but I have listed alternatives, encase, like Antibody harvesting and so on). gold as well.

*UV-C light Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). (I would like to see the results with this as no medicine).

*(G-CSF) Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor.

*Endo-cannabinoid system. (Immune enhancement = Anandamide & Ceramide).

*m-TORc1 & m-TORc2 signalling pathways.

*CAR-T cells. (Again, unsure as it’s cell fusion).

*B-cell & T-cell harvesting therapies.


*Frankincense and Myrrh Oil.

*Lauric acid Monolaurin.


*Bio-Phage manipulation. (Only to be used in emergency if antibody evasion happens).

*SNG001 inhalation.

*Mega dosing Vitamin C & D.

*Cortisol steroids, asthmatic inhalers.




Another way would be to be to take some blood from an ill person and then to mix in some of the harvested antibodies to then give back to the ill person, either through immunisation or an ingestible cocktail, this will top up their antibody count, this would be used as a top up every few hours to ensure the antibody count is high enough to over balance the COVID cell count, I would also suggest that this should really be given only to ill people not as a precaution for two reasons, one it may take a lot of resources to harvest that level of antibody, and also I think with the current conspiracy theorist it may cause an up rise against trying to immunise everybody.

Also, at the end of the virus’s life cycle, after cell cycle arrest has been induced, the last cell or cells go into a dormant stage and cannot be picked up by the immune defence system, so the less dormant cells we have, the easier it will be to stop mutations, and also to stop the virus reoccurring at a later date, these dormant cells and go undetected for up to 30 years this is an area medicine needs to focus on to eradicate any kind of virus from reoccurring.

Another advantage from using this medicine is if we are able to treat a patient with the first 5 days of the body’s natural immune pre-antibody trials then as long as the signalling pathways are accepted by the m-TORc1 and m-TORc2 inhibitors then it may be able to send the information quicker to the interactive regulator cells in the marrow to then produce the correct antibody before the 5-day period.




mAb’s These can be a good alternative they make antibodies in the body the only thing is how they are made as long as they’re not using foetus cells then I think they will be OK, they are made with chicken eggs fusing an antibody with an egg ovary cell to that they can reproduce the antibody in the body. These would be much safer to use than the current vaccine, this can be used as a treatment in hospitals for only the ill.




Nigella Sativa, Black Seed Oil, can also be beneficial in the treatment, as this has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties it contains high levels of TQ Thymoquinone this Regenerates Schwann cell found in the myelin-sheaf the protective tissue that surrounds the axons, nerves, neurons and dendrites, the TQ will reduce the swelling in the myelin sheaf protective tissue and promotes nerve regeneration it will also to some extent help reduce any swelling in the blood brain barrier above the brain stem helping oxygen circulation, reason being is that the swelling in these areas will affect also the m-TORc1 & m-TORc2 signalling pathways, reduce communication throughout the neuronic system causing a resistance in the communication the probable cause of the new symptoms found in recent cases, loss of smell and body organs failing as they aren’t receiving the correct signalling for full functionality, so by reducing the swelling in these areas we can establish a better connection for signalling in the aim of reducing these symptoms.

This also contains high levels of Alkaloids, very specific and strong Alkaloids are found in Nigella Sativa, the role of Alkaloids is to remove foreign-bodies or free radicals and virus from the blood so this would go hand in hand as a beneficial way of extraction and anti-inflammation, this isn’t used much in mainstream medicine and is very unknown, the benefit from this is it’s a natural and has many other compounds of use.

I’m unsure exactly on the potency of this and it may be more of a gradual treatment but its defiantly worth looking into, the best two forms are organic cold pressed oil and also if the seeds are roasted to 80degrees C. then extracted these two ways will give you the highest levels of extraction.




Ginkgo Biloba extract helps the signalling pathways in the m-TORc1 and m-TORc2 inhibitors, this is also good at circulation oxygen through the blood, and it delivers oxygen directly through the Blood Brain Barrier, this is important because the restriction of oxygen causes the swelling pressing on the Brain stem that can diminish the signalling capabilities within the brain and its functions. The suppression of the blood brain barrier and the m-TORc inhibitors is the probable cause of loss of smell and long Covid, also Ginkgo Biloba contains Ginkgolide B that inhibits neurotoxicity and prevents prions and reduces blood clots.




Nebulising Hydrogen peroxide could be the best cheapest safest way of curing Covid ill patients, by adding an extra oxygen molecule we have 2 parts hydrogen and 2 parts oxygen, the extra oxygen cell eliminates viruses, an infected cell can’t handle the extra oxygen as it uses a lot of the cell’s oxygen during the hijacking stage, this extra oxygen molecule will granulate the Covid cell, this is the same mechanism as how body cells granulate viruses.

1 part HP 3% into a container and add 2 parts of pure water to give you 1% HP.




this is the one I’m most excited about as it is cheap and easy to produce if this works it could make a real difference in third world country s struggling with poverty.

Silver contains anti-bacterial properties it can also be made into a purple liquid that can be drank this can stimulate the marrows intrictive cells, and help elevate the Y-protein or The IgG antibody count meaning the correct antibody could be found quicker, whilst also increasing the antibody count to suppress the S-protein or (Peplomer) stopping it from attaching to a host cell so it cannot duplicate, keeping the COVID cell count to a minimum is imperative to the patients reaction to the virus or any virus.

Inhaling an atomized mist of colloidal silver into the lungs, using a device called a medical Nebulizer may be a good way of getting it into your bloodstream, when properly prepared, Colloidal silver I a powerful natural broad-spectrum disinfecting antibiotic and microbial agent that acts as a preventative against systemic infectious disorders.

Silver, can inhibit Cell Cycle Arrest to reduce the COVID or viral cell down to its last one or few cells, this is generally how you would get rid of any virus, Cell Cycle Arrest is what happens at the end of a viruses life cycle, the last cell or cells, mutate into a dormant state and hide so they cannot be detected, sometimes for up to 30 years, so it’s important that we look at ways of targeting these dormant cells to eradicate the virus in future years, again this is also why it’s not a good idea for herd immunity as there will be more dormant cells in more patients, we need to keep these figures down to a minimum, the only real way to do this is by screening the population in every country with no travel and with the way the virus is spreading so quickly I’m unsure if this is a viable option, maybe at the beginning with full global lockdown but we’ve passed that stage I think.

(Silver cannot be patented, and this could be the reason it is not used as medicine.)

To drink some, I would say between 10ml to 30ml or

Using inhalation or an E-CIG filled with colloidal silver may be the best way to cure.




Same process as above suspended in water, structured water is best but distilled should be OK, run electricity through the gold for 24hours this should also give you a purple reddish liquid, these could possibly be mixed together as well, I know more about gold but unsure to say.




This is a treatment that I would be excited to see the results as there is no medicine intake, the UV-C light can sterilize and neutralize germicidal cells, so if we could make an endoscope with a low wattage UV-C light to use to illuminate the lungs in pulses like a strobe this could prove a very nice way of lowering the cell count within the lungs and hopefully bringing some relief, as this is a respiratory infectious virus, most of the COVID cells will be harbouring inside the lungs so reducing the cell count could help a patient fight the virus and ride it out without any intense therapy this is also a cost effective possibility.




This is a treatment used in Chemotherapy patients going through intense radiation as the radiation kills the blood cells, they use this therapy to increase the White Blood Cell count and the B-Cell count, Lycophyte’s will be increased as well, this can multiply the cell count by as much as ten times so you could instantly get a lot more antibodies through this treatment this may also increase the Haemoglobin levels so this maybe best alongside a Haemoglobin reducing therapy at the same time, the advantage of this immunisation is that it was developed over a number of years 10 to 20 years development and has been tried and tested and would prove to be a safer option than a new rushed vaccine.

We have to remember that with all these different vaccines were producing if they don’t work or granulate the COVID cells to a cell cycle arrest stage then there could be lots of mutations caused from these multiple vaccines as the COVID cell will try to adapt to avoid being destroyed or granulated.




The Endo-cannabinoid system works alongside the immune system and supports body functions.

Helps artery and coronary flow, lowers blood pressure, stimulated immune system


We have CB1 inhibitors in the hippocampus area of the brain, these take up the Cannabinoids and in turn produce Anandamide that the body converts into Ceramide, this will boost the immune system, it works by Apoptosis removing or granulating old or broken cells that can build up like cookies, this targets cancer cells and through Apoptosis and granulates the cells levelling out the antigen levels creating a more efficient immune system, through using the CB2 system in the lower abdomen area, this can also help with blood pressure and anti-inflammatory, this is usually taken by ingesting CBD oil or Cannabinoids, using 99.9% refined CBD oil we can dramatically boost the levels to use as an immune booster and also a cure for cancer, All CBD oil sold today is weak and rarely is above 20% strength, they don’t use 99.9% strength.

I have also included an attached file on this on how to make it at 99.9% refined.




Increasing signalling cannot be used with patients with any tumours.

using the m-TORc1 & m-TORc2 signalling protein pathways to target Gycineral S-Protein’s or peplomers or families of stem cells that multiply by hijacking instead of cell division

so far, I have found RAD001 can work as an inhibitor booster alongside nootropic therapy





Harvesting B-Cell from B-Lymph system could prove a new promising way to increase the B-cell or white blood cell count for the higher production of Y-Protein’s antibodies, we also need to keep an eye on the haemoglobin levels and make sure there don’t rise to high, also harvesting T-Cells will help fight the virus this should be studied alongside current efforts.





CAR-T cells that fuse chimeric antigen receptors onto a T-cells giving the T-cell binding receptors. These would be like a super potent antibody able to bind onto viruses, these could be given to patients in hospital to lower the Covid cell count.




Melatonin is a blood thinner it retains water which dilutes your blood, this could help deliver oxygen through an inflamed body or system, this will also lower the blood pressure, your body can produce this with MDMA, or you can just use melatonin, its ability to produce extremely high amounts of Serotonin this produces Melatonin a chemical produced by the pineal gland when we sleep, this is an anti-inflammatory and is a good regulator of bodily functions, also higher levels of Melatonin, L-dopa and Serotonin, will help your body’s immune system work more efficiently, it will also take away panic and worries and will take away Cortisol and can stimulate Adrenaline, you’ll also feel happier releasing even more L-dopa and Serotonin and Melatonin, so with these higher levels and a stimulated Adrenaline and lower Cortisol levels this can boost the immune system and also act as an anti-inflammatory in cells, and the stimulated Adrenaline can help give more energy to fight the infection, added to the thinner blood combined with Ginkgo Biloba will help circulate oxygen delivery throughout the body also can deliver oxygen directly through the blood brain barrier.




Myrrh & Frankincense oil is a stimulant, stimulating the White blood cells through marrow stimulation boosting the intrictive cells, preventing germs and viruses from invading and attacking the body. It helps protect the body from the flu, cold virus, and even food poisoning. Myrrh essential oil is a great way to boost your immune system, particularly during cold and flu season. Its antibacterial and antiviral antioxidant and antiphlogistic properties.





manipulating bio-phage's using absorption may be a new way of fighting the virus, utilising the phage's sack to use as a nano carrier to a specific target, so far I have found ceramide to be a good compound to granulate the cell, this may have problems as the phage may not survive the ceramide but if it is grown or absorbed from birth then it may sustain it, the problem is targeting a specific cell this can be done in three ways, currently the use carbon or amino acid chains as a signature this can be very complex and timely to make, the other is peptide targeting David a ricks at lilly pharma, has recently made a breakthrough in peptide targeting, another way that is new is done in the absorption process, using the embedded protein from the Covid cell in the absorption stage of loading up the phage we can give the phage a need or thirst for the embedded protein hopefully when we take this away it will have a need for the embedded protein and hopefully hunt for it, so if the phage was then ingested it may hunt for the embedded protein found in the COVID cells, then once targeted it may attach on and empty its sack into the COVID cell resulting in granulation, a safe thing to use in the sack may be ceramide, this could be wrong but it may help and give a way forwards with phage's, I don’t think people will want it though, evolution bio tech in the UK has made breakthroughs with inhalation of phage’s for respiratory infections, maybe they could work together.





Inhalation of SNG001 was found to reduce fatalities by 79% this would be a good cheap tool to use in the battle against Covid in the wards, it showed good results but it has not been published in science journals for some reason but has shown good results.





Vitamin C in mega dosing has shown best through intravenous to stop patients from dying, as soon as their admitted to hospital this treatment can save lives in high doses it is completely safe to mega dose. This will also help with sepsis if they have sepsis from Covid. Along with Zinc and Zinc salts as these stop the replicating processes of viruses in the body, zinc will also help the T-Cell and B-cell lycophytes in the body.

Vitamin D interacts with the VDR receptor this protects against viruses and diseases, by mega dosing it may be possible to increase the VDR receptors effect on the virus, vitamin D can downregulate expression of the ACE2 receptor and reduce inflammation in the lungs and may stop viral pathway.




I know there is a shortage of PPE equipment, I have put together a list of suppliers that can deliver high volumes, also on this list are machinery manufactures that can deliver machinery so you can self-produce, it includes gloves, full canister masks, canisters, Bio-suits, also the machinery to make FFP3 masks, digital cutting machines for the bio-suits and seam sealing machinery.




I think front line nurses need to upgrade some of their equipment to a full Bio-suit (Hazmat) with hood along with a full-face mask, or canister masks with shields, I have sourced full face masks, following regulation CE136, they also include voice enhancement plates for easy communication for as little as $17.50, the more sealed the body is the more protection they will have.

The health care system seems to be forgotten about, their PPE needs upgrading where cases are found, following similar precautions as front-line nurses, all key workers engaging with the public and prisons need a better fitting face mask than the surgical style face masks, gloves will give personal protection but can still spread the virus.

I also have a solution to the global shortage of PPE if we could strategically position factories globally and order the machinery needed to self-produce, they could also provide the surplus to surround countries or countries in need, this will also keep delivery and logistics to a minimum and lowering the risk of spreading infection.

There needs to be regulation in place so we are not selling inadequate protection, a lot of places are selling masks that don’t offer protection they say on the packaging not for protection use please follow government guidelines, which I think is a little confusing, barely any have CE or FDA, and some that have holes in the packets, which I find strange with no regulation, we need to take more care with the masks as air suspension seems to play a major poll in the transmission of the virus.




I personally think that only N100, N99, N95 or KN95 masks or above should be sold as these are a cup shape with a tight fitting and filter down to a good micron standard, they are viably easy to produce at low cost, I have only included surgical FFP3 masks just encase it’s hard to find the high numbers of KN95 style masks needed. Surgical masks only protect the user, disposable repository masks like the N100 KN95 give two-way protection but they are hard to breathe through, some come with a vent that make it easy to breathe but they only give self-protection, this would be OK if everyone was wearing a mask, but may still produce air borne particles from an unnoticed infected person.

Many masks being sold are not protecting, some of them are foam and you can see through them that isn't going to protect you from a virus it is imperative that we all have the right masks to lower infection rates.

The N100 respirator disposable cup mask is the best, it will filter 99.97% so generally with the spiral of the virus it should filter down to 0.1 microns, a problem we have is the microns of the virus can be as small as 0.06 microns there is currently no mask that can filter down to that small a micron, with there being no regulation a lot of masks being sold are inadequate so this may be an area of transmission that needs addressing, we are seeing a rise in cases globally so if we get the correct masks then this will contain the virus.

Canister masks or full-face canister masks would be the best option or we have, N100, N99, N95 & KN95 masks, they are the ONLY way through this, cup fitting respirator disposable masks offer two-way protection the surgical only protect the wearer, I have found many on

If everyone was to wear a high grade mask at all times outdoor in the street indoors as well, and hand washed, we could eradicate the virus in a matter of months, the problem is getting everyone to do this and also supplying the world with these masks, but if the vaccines and passports were stopped at least the rioters and protesters would do this, in third world and places in India and Brazil and south Sudan where there in deep poverty it is going to be hard, but the vaccine is killing a lot of people and causing bad side effects with the long term side effect still unknown, this is the safest way to do this, it may be harder and more expensive than vaccines but in the long run it will be safer, plus there are many people that refuse to have the vaccine for various reasons and many people think that the reason of the vaccine is to kill people off. So, vaccinating will not work.

The COVID cell microns are usually around 0.1 microns, but can sometimes be as small as 0.06 microns, most of the masks state they can protect down to 0.3 microns, there seems to be a void, there are claims that the top masks can filter down to 0.1 microns as the spiral effect of micron pathways, I think this needs addressing more carefully if we stand a chance of eradicating the virus.

There are masks that offer even more protection than the KN95 masks, these are the N99 masks but these seem to be very rare, 3M did a test on 5 different KN95 masks and found generally they could filter down to 0.1 microns because of the spiralling effect of the pathway the microns move in, we need more solid research.

Also using UV-C sterilization may be possible in some cases to reuse some PPE in medical settings, by using a light room, and some kind of rotation of the PPE.

(There is also an attached file of PPE suppliers both product & machinery)





The problem is fabric and cotton masks are washable and reusable not many people do this though in the real world, the disposable masks need replacing and thus high numbers are needed the best mask design would be a N100 with copper threads or copper particles in the outer layer the copper particles would kill the virus or bacteria on contact leaving a clean mask at all times, if we could start making masks with integrated copper this would be beneficial in tackling the virus, we need to be enforcing masks especially in very crowded areas like India.





Impaired immunity.

30 – 40% of people have allergies. + 20% are protesting against it.

People have died in trials & over thousands have died after having the vaccines, and that's not even everybody vaccinated and you are saying we need 2 jabs every year, that death number is going to increase.

It may cause long term auto immune problems, very risky with a new style of vaccine that’s untested.

It’s new technology and not properly tested.

You need booster jabs as the antibodies don’t last.

Also, logging these boosters down is going to fuel the Digital ID that is pushing everyone onto a smart phone, also people think that it is to start a surveillance state having to use your face, biometric ID This cannot happen!

The global plan is to vaccine everyone every few months for ever, this will not work..

Mixing vaccines is really dangerous. They are saying to mix and match in UK maybe other places too.

Also, their talking about fines for missing jab appointments. Forced vaccines, people are scared and you’re going to force them and put fear in them by fining them.

No travel, no passport, no job, no nothing, without a vaccine pass, it’s against human rights and it’s forcing a new untested potentially devastating. There’s no going back from that.

The most worrying part is they say especially Pfizer that they are not disclosing 100% of the ingredients probably so no one can copy it. Since then, they have, but they first said and made statements that they were not disclosing all the ingredient’s it’s makes you think why, these are reasons why the public is scared and protesting.

There’s confusion over CRISPR’s cas9 uses.

Surely you can now realise why there are endless hordes of people against it… this is just to list a few.

Also, it’s already making it’s way onto the black market, this is very dangerous.

There are scientists, doctors, researchers, patents, papers that show graphene oxide.

These are the reasons why there are endless people protesting on the streets they are scared, there is a lot of misinformation and there is a lot of truth, some people could be trying to do it on purpose to make chaos or they could be alerting it’s all a mess, but I don’t think the leaders know about this, there is a divide between the public and the leaders but to be honest I don’t think the leaders know, I think the best way to keep peace in the world to avoid civil war or world war is to take a different approach and favour the people, and cure any side effects that may come about, maybe look into the medicine or regulation after it has calmed down, but we are in very strange chaotic times and the last thing we need is more chaos that will one spread the virus more or cause anxiety or fear, the best thing would be to just change the strategy, there has been many deaths from the vaccines that should be enough to stop it and change paths, we can get rid of the virus with masks and testing,

The media is so confusing we just need one plan globally with everyone on the same page, lets just start again, and try and make peace in the world and take away the fear from the people they have been through enough they must be terrified, I don’t know how else to do this the world is broken and split apart and we need to avoid war and chaos.









Testing improvements will help greatly in the screening process, currently I think the PCR test takes around 6 hours and can take around 48-72 hours to receive the results, an improvement would be to use RT-LAMP or LAMP loop-mediated isothermal amplification tests, as a forefront method as it can be done at point of care, this method doesn’t need thermal cyclers or highly trained scientists to perform the test, this works similar to a PCR test, however it will not tell you if you have antibody resistance, checking for antibodies is useless in a screening exercise, we need to know who has a live infection by screening through the population like a fine tooth comb.

Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification, similar to PCR test, the LAMP test can be done at point of care, making it much easier on a logistical level, also the added benefit is that this test doesn’t need specialist laboratory thermal cyclers or highly trained scientist to perform the test, this test will only tell you if you have a live infection which is going to be more effective, swabs are OK but excessive use may lead to swelling. Maybe using saliver would be the best way and safest way.

If we could send everyone 2 tests and they do a test every 4 days, everyone stays in isolation EVERYONE, then if you pass your second test you may go out anyone found positive will isolate until they pass a test, after everyone has done the 2nd test if they all pass then we should have eradicated the virus, if anyone still comes up positive then they should be sent more tests and not allowed out until they have passed a test, this seems like the only realistic way of eradicating the virus, if we also use LAMP tests on entrances and boarder travel ongoing to screen out any that have missed or caught infection along the way, this may be hard in third world countries. LAMP tests can also be done with a finger prick blood sample that may be easier.

Lateral flow tests only detect antibodies so you could have had the infection a year ago but you wouldn't be infectious, these are the cheapest and maybe usable and if you have antibodies then get a LAMP test.



An antibody test could be help full by way of sending them to homes so they could perform their own test, if they found antibodies then they could have a LAMP or PCR test, or if we could send LAMP test kits to homes, either way it is an easier way to instantly screen everybody, if we orchestrated a date and made sure they were all posted on time and we could all test together, this would stop the need to vaccinate.

If we could produce a home testing kit, that people could perform at home themselves then we could take some of the strain away from the testing hubs and facilities, also this kind of test will help greatly in 3rd world countries and places without infrastructure to orchestrate the large testing needed to screen the population during lockdown.

An idea for a new test would be to adapt a diabetes insulin style test kit using Nucleic-Acid to spill open the RNA from the virus, flattening out the RNA, then the device would use isothermal dynamics to amplify the RNA or genetic genome of the virus, and red like a brail, if the device was somehow able to keep a constant temperature at 65 degrees, it would work similar to the Abbot Laboratories testing kits, this would be a great option for home testing and entrances to places.

Lateral flow tests are cheap but show high level of false positive results the best out of three would be best.



There is a test in America which can take only 5 minutes made by Abbot Laboratories, the molecular test looks for fragments of the corona virus genome, I’ve researched they plan to carry out 50,000 tests per day, they may not be able to supply or manufacture enough on a global level, approaching them and pleading with them to release the blueprints to make these tests, then biotechnology companies globally could be producing these to increase production so that they were available globally, open up a patent licence were if anyone who uses the technology in this way they would have to share any advancements and maybe give a share of the product in return, to be honest I don’t think it would be a profitable intention and should be released technology in the view of helping the world fight the virus.

Balancing patient admissions using LAMP or quick molecular testing on airports or restaurants gym's communal indoor settings and so on. Is the only way unless people think this is a viable option, I think however that with an initial home test we could achieve this target easily.




One of the main factors which is controversially overlooked is air transmission, through air suspension the microns of this virus are very small, sometimes as small as 0.06 microns, on a still day with no wind or inside a building they can suspend for up to 30 minuets, we now have a strain in Sri Lanka that can suspend for up to 60 minuets so this may mean that the microns are smaller and will be harder to filtrate with masks, this can be projected regardless of if someone coughs or sneezes, their path of breath can leave a trial which is why masks are very important to slow the virus.

The virus can enter through the eyes in an enclosed setting, like say on a hospital ward this is more for front-line nurses which is why full-face canister masks are included in a PPE sheet I have included.

Coronaviruses can transfer onto the surface of the eye. Here, it’s believed the virus can enter the body through the conjunctiva, the thin membrane that covers the front of the eye and the inner eyelids.

A good idea would be to wear N100, N99, N95, KN99 or KN95 respiratory disposable face masks with a pair of goggles, the microns are so small sometimes 0.06 microns or smaller with the new Sri Lanka variant that it may be seeping through the eyes as a high missed area of transmission, it is important that the masks are washed, either with hot water and sanitizer or salt, UV-C light or a new idea a sanitizer spray to spray on the mask, I think it is a lot to ask people though in the real word, people wear their masks and put it in their pocket or wallet not thinking that the outside of the masks has collected all the micron spores of the virus, this can spread when they use that pocket or wallet or wherever they keep the masks, we could ask people to keep it in a little bag but that is just not realistic, future masks could be made with copper particles on the outside as copper eliminates viruses and bacteria.

The virus has spread to fast and violently to be just surface transmission, air suspension plays a major role, if there was a group of 40 people all stood outside and one of them lit up a cigarette, they would nearly all smell it, this is how breath and air travels so it is very important with a virus spreading this violently that we need to take extra care and make sure we have suitable masks.

Another area of spread may be postal, haulage, import and export, if we are still seeing cases rising after all the lockdown and precaution efforts, then this may be a missed area of transmission through surface contact, a way to combat this would be to either, quarantine things for 72 hours, or to use UV-C light to sterilize the items, paper is one of the biggest spread of diseases, parcels and so on could be a hidden factor in the spread of the virus.

We should be utilising UV-C light in as many areas as possible on buses, trains, travel, in supermarkets, to prevent and easily sterilize.

Supermarkets may play a part in an incubation setting, if we used a hatch service and we could take a list and the store workers acted as order pickers in the store and you had a time slot to pick up your items or shopping, especially with the large selection of inadequate masks that are being sold this may be an overlooked area of transmission, as its an incubation setting, schools, universities, offices, places with no ventilation, maybe overlooked areas of the transmission of the virus.

Masks need to be made compulsory for all travel, buses, trains, all transport and indoor settings.

Another overlooked area is buttons ranging from bus stop buttons, traffic light crossing buttons (these could be left and you just wait) entry points, cash machines, service lifts, this area needs addressing it may seem daft but it’s a transfer area that is overlooked.

Tower blocks or shared air conditioning could be a place of incubation using UV-C light or plasma in the air conditioning may help.

Using UV-C in hall ways corridors and passing areas in tower blocks and buildings where possible.




Long COVID is a misunderstood area that can affect people for some time after infection, it can be damage to the brain, organs or mainly the lungs and lung sacs, loss of smell and senses and fatigue with fibromyalgia like symptoms, this is mainly caused from swelling or inflammation, The        m-TORc1 and m-TORc2 inhibitors, the blood brain barrier, and the disruption of ace2 receptors, there are also liver and kidney problems that can occur later after infection, the spike protein is cytotoxic and can be toxic to the body, another reason why I don’t think we should be using vaccines as your giving them a toxin through the spike protein, the best way to reduce long COVID is to take away the inflammation in the brain vessels and the Schwann cells or myelin sheifs around neurons dendrites and the axon in the central nervous system, this can be achieved with nigella sativa oil the Thymoquinone TQ will reduce the swelling in the Schwann cells that coat the nerves and axons it will also take away any swelling in the lungs and lung sacs, Ginkgo Biloba contains ginkgo lide b that will dissolve any molecular weight build up in the blood vessels and also it will help oxygen pass directly through the blood brain barrier this will also help any pressure being built up on the brain stem another reason for the loss of smell and disorderly bodily functions, the Ginkgo Biloba may help with the granulation of the spike proteins and reduce the toxicity of the cytotoxic spike proteins, kidneys can be cleaned with milk thistle to help the enzyme breakdown and balance the kidneys, combining these things will reduce all symptoms of long Covid and you should see a full recovery, there are parts in other sections of this plan that will help in areas of patients with long Covid.




Zero Covid may seem impossible most of this plan is for zero Covid, there are however ways for zero Covid, I have an idea for two ways, this needs taking seriously as the current strategy to live with the virus is proving impossible, the vaccines don’t stop transmission they just reduce it slightly, so if the virus can still pass through many people it will mutate and keep mutating out surpassing the vaccines antibodies, after the manufacturing of a new vaccine trials and tests and then to inoculate the world which is already going to take 2 years there will be new variants, added with the fact that every country has endless riots and protests over vaccines and passports this will never work, the only ways governments are doing this is by taking away all freedoms from travel to restaurants, against this will cause civil unrest on unimaginable levels in months to come, and there is the risk of side effects and so on, so the ways in which we could realistically eliminate the virus are of two, firstly the silver treatment after using on ill people if found to have no side effects and stops the virus it may be an idea to give everyone 20mill sealed shot glasses and everyone drinks it one the same days needed weather that be one day or every day for a week, the silver also makes an abundance of iGg antibodies so it should stop replication as well and it is very cheap, very cheap, and easy to send everyone in the post with alerted days for it to commence, there may be an issue with the riots but maybe not with open results and trust worthy strategy.

The other way that is the best way for compliance and should have been done from the start is mass manufacturing of canister masks and every single person in every country is given one, and we all wear it everywhere for a few weeks, if everyone has a canister masks for a few weeks it would completely eradicate the virus, with basic measures like hand washing, item movement and travel measures in place and with cleaning surfaces, I think it could be eradicated in a few weeks from when it was all in place, this may be achievable with N100 masks or N99 masks, but a sure safe way would defiantly work with canister masks, granted it is a lot of masks to make but it is something we should all have anyway encase of virus outbreaks.

We could give the canister masks to the densest areas first, giving them out to the less and less denser areas as there being made or purchased, until then the N100 N99 N95 KN99 KN95 should be fine, they may be enough without the canister masks.

We need to think about zero Covid because we are seeing 500,000 to 700,000 cases a day and the variants will keep coming and getting stronger as it tries to mutate to survive and get past the medicine, if you think about it this global virus we have now would have started from a few people if not one, so when a country gets down to 1000 cases they think they are out of the woods, it will rise up again, they say the vaccine will protect you, but it will take 2 years to vaccinate everyone and boosters are needed before that time so mathematically it cannot work, also to give boosters forever is not viable and very dangerous with the number of side effects and deaths there has been so far from them, and again the riots and protests.

It is scary and in virology these mutations are early stages of a viruses potential, many viruses have been about for years and have mutated to there peak, this virus in its peak could be a lot worse, we need to avoid this from happening, if the Delta combines with the Lambda or Beta and then mutates it could be very serious very serious, this is going to sound very scary to people and it is but there are ways to stop it if we take drastic action now, I think everyone with canister masks would ensure the correct mask and filtration is being used, stopping the Vax and passports would stop the riots and people could go anywhere with this type of mask, the only problem is restaurants bars clubs and pubs swimming that kind of thing but if we waited until everyone had one before we shut those places for two weeks it is viable, we do not want to live with this virus, every country is locking down then opening and then another wave comes and its just going to go up and down.

This strategy would give zero Covid, it would take some work but it would give zero Covid and probably zero other viruses too, if the silver works then that will be a very cheap efficient way to end this but I worry that there may be some that don’t trust things like this now, there is a lot of damage and trust gone from medical regulators and establishments and governments, so they may not.




Around 10% of immunocompromised people are not producing any antibodies after both jabs, this means that will probably not produce natural antibodies either if they are infected or if they do they will be very few or short lasting, I think that trying to induce an immune response is going to be very difficult for these patients, the best way to approach immunocompromised would be with stimulants, marrow stimulants would be the first choice, I know silver or silver nano particles or ionised silver will help produce IgG antibodies but there is also G-CSF therapy that will greatly induce white blood cell production and maybe CBD 99.9% refined oil will help immunocompromised as it works by stimulating the endo-cannabinoid system that works alongside the immune system in some cases it will or may fix the immunocompromised, depending on the reason for the immunocompromised condition there may be other ways to boost their immune system instead of trying to give an antibody inducement, if it is HIV or AIDS then I am unsure for an instance fix maybe CART therapy or harvested antibody cocktails as a top every hour or two if they’re in hospital, going forwards to cure HIV or AIDS I have two ideas silver or 6 months of Nigella Sativa oil, but that’s for the future, CBD helps with the pain but doesn’t cure it, these are things I would like to try but for now the above harvested antibodies or silver and or CART therapy maybe the best ways to treat an immunocompromised patient.




Sustaining the lockdown is an important factor, I have some ideas that may help bring some clarity, certain businesses or companies that can work or provide an outdoor settings like alfresco dining a beer garden, these kind of settings may be able to operate to help keep the economy going whilst not setting incubation settings, at best we could be LAMP testing on or before entry if it’s an internal setting or, at minimum, checking temperatures we should not be using laser guns, only use thermal readers, offering space and proximity with fitted masks, also any businesses operating should only keep their workforce to localised area, so if there was to be an outbreak it would stay local and make track and trace a lot more achievable, if they employ people from all over the country and one got ill, through incubation they could have transferred to other people who could have taken the virus across country and spread in other areas, like the shop on the way home, the petrol station the basics of population movement, someone could of have had the virus without showing symptoms, so even with these precautions it can go unnoticed, this is why the LAMP test or any kind of molecular point of care test would be best, the Abbot Laboratory 5 minuet tests would be a great help in these settings or a similar kind of test.

Airports are dangerous, as we could be taking or bringing the virus into other countries, the safest way would be to introduce point of care testing, in and out of any country, testing hubs and a designated waiting area, tested before entry to the building and instead of using a terminal tunnel where the plane stops for departing, they could use the wheeled steps and be directed to a testing hub and if found to be live infected taken to either isolation or take for treatment if needed.

I personally don’t think this is the time for holidays though, as the risks of passing infection is too high, the only safe way really is to introduce point of care testing if was to try and live and continue alongside the virus, which is why it’s best to instantly screen the whole population so we can go back to normal.

I do understand this may frighten people especially form an economic point of view but to do this quickly and swiftly in this manner will have far less repercussion’s than dragging it out over several years.





There has been a lot of side effects, blood clots, seizers, rashes, fever, itching, nausea, memory loss, myocarditis, strokes, capillary leak syndrome, deaths, also we don’t know the long-term effects, some evidence shows prions forming prions may cause neurological disorders like CJD.

We really need to stop this they are not rare there is reports of these every day in every country.

Moderna: PEG causing molecular weight in the vessels.

Pfizer: Myocarditis inflammation in the heart muscles: exponential rise is Israel of Myocarditis.

AstraZenica: Blood clots. Capillary leak syndrome.

Covaxin: seems the safest but there has still been deaths from poisoning like symptoms. ERD some batches skipped trials and are causing Covid as the cell is multiplying in the body.

Sputnik-v: adenovirus virus made from a common cold a SARS protein, still has problems.

Johnson & Johnson: neurological disease, maybe nucleic acids combining.

Vaccines have shown to have an adverse effect on some people, anyone who has has one should be given aspirin, warfarin or vitamin E to remove or to prevent the Blood from clotting, there has been many cases of blood clotting or platelets forming clots at later stages taking blood thinners will prevent this In people that have had a vaccine, if there is a build-up of prions that have formed from the extra spike protein in hijacked cells,

colloidal silver, melatonin and CBD oil should be effective against prions entering the brain, Ginkgo Biloba contains Ginkgolide b this can inhibit toxicity in prions if any have formed from a side effect, it can also stop platelets forming in blood vessels in the brain.

Another side effect is inflammation maybe caused from the tromethamine, hydrochloride and or Polyethylene glycol (PEG) ingredient found in the Moderna vaccines, this can or may increase the molecular weight and cause inflammation in vessels. Nigella Sativa black seed oil, Ginkgo Biloba, melatonin and CBD are all very good natural anti-inflammatory.

Loss of sense of smell and long Covid, this is most likely caused by the inflammation of the m-TORc1 & m-TORc2 inhibitors being inflamed by the surrounding Schwann cells causing restriction in the communication, this can be reduced using Nigella Sativa oil and Ginkgo Biloba this will also increase the blood flow and increase oxygen levels, another reason will be the blood brain barrier may have stop letting oxygen pass directly through this could cause a pressure build up and put pressure on the brain stem causing fictionality problems, again Ginkgo Biloba delivers oxygen directly through the blood brain barrier.

The hardest part of any infectious disease isn’t really the virus it is the inflammation it causes, it’s the inflammation that causes problems and side effects, lasting side effects could be from inflammation or prions that have formed causing neurological side effects from the virus asymptomatic patients may be suffering from the above.

Myocarditis a new found side effect from the Pfizer vaccine, it similar to heart disease seems to be affecting a lot of people this inflammation of the heart muscle is very dangerous, tymoniqunine found in nigella sativa can take away the swelling and reverse the effects also 99.9% CBD oil will work but this would take some time to make.

AstraZeneca is causing capillary leak syndrome no cure as it melts the vessel lowers blood pressure with the hole, blood clots in high numbers this can be treated with blood thinners like warfarin, aspirin, MDMA, Ginkgo biloba may also work. Pectin reduces the clotting in vessels.

I have also seen things about problems with mRNA and prions that may cause neurological problems later in life. Maybe CJD this is best treated with ginkgo Biloba and 99.9% CBD oil, there is currently no cure but these two items will cure it.

Recently mRNA has been found to collect the spike protein in the bone marrows and high concentrations in the ovaries, this is very worrying these vaccines need to stop now, the information in censored but there is a report from Pfizer showing that the spike protein in collecting in organs and in high concentrations in the ovaries. Potential cures cysts dissolvers would probably work pradrantak churna, apple cider vinegar, monolaurin lauric acid, Suramin, pine needles. Nigella sativa oil, the best thing would be NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine.





Chaga mushroom.

Colloidal silver and or Gold rubbed on the affected area, and ingested.

Hydrogen peroxide gel rubbed on the affected area.

Nigella Sativa oil ingested and rubbed on the affected area.

Myrrh essential oil rubbed on the affected area.

Neem oil rubbed on effected area.

Amphotericin B.







Infected water

Air conditioning filters old or damp.

Decaying organic matter plants, compost, soils, dust,

Burning wood, drift wood, treated wood painted wood can give off mould spores.

Sharing the steam inhalation may not be a direct cause but it will help the spread and if there were any spores from the last person then it will transmit to the next person.



There’s lots of speculation over the figures collated this information, it is imperative to being able to build a profile or understanding of how the virus behaves, we need to include every single person, test and make sure they actually did have the virus and it’s not a cold or flu, I think the figures are way off to be honest, and it could be causing more panic, with the point of care testing this would solve the problem for analytics, from everywhere old people’s homes to hospitals to self-isolation, if you sneeze or have a cough you have to stay in and track and trace could be telling people that you are at risk when you are not, 40 000 people a year die from flu in the UK alone and some of these must have been overlapped to the COVID counted analytical data collated for charts and statistics, we can see that flu cases have dropped dramatically, not just because of masks but any cold, flu or respiratory infection just gets marked as COVID, if you have symptoms you should stay at home and if you worsen go to hospital and be tested either on the way or on arrival, this way you won’t be collating other illnesses as COVID, if suspected you should stay at home but you should not mark as Covid unless tested for it.




Unsure about most or other countries but here in the UK there’s seems to be the view that children don’t get ill, our scientific advisors and government are saying that children cannot get ill and so on, they obviously can spread it, this is causing a danger as they can still pass the infection on to others, I see lots of kids in shops and supermarkets without mask and the parents have masks, It’s not that they don’t care, it’s the miss management of information being given out, they are still at risk of passing the infection just as any other person, they have a stronger quicker immune system as they constantly chew on toys, fabrics, plastic and so on, so they have an active immune system plus in younger development they have an over active immune system anyway to help protect them, whilst on this point, their bodies are smaller and they have less distance and surface area internally so not as many antibodies are needed for let’s say an adult or large person.

LAMP testing a couple of times a week using saliver instead of a swab would be easier and safer, I think the best way would be to have N100 masks with a vent, a good cup fitting style mask that fits the contours of the face, a vent will make it much easier to wear, and test if they have symptoms.

I’m not trying to fear monger I’m trying to point out all the places that seems to be overlooked as we are all seeing a rise in cases, it has to be coming from somewhere, again this is why schools being open is not the best idea, as everyone gets together indoor from everywhere, it’s an incubation setting and they could contract the infection in school or university and take it home whilst showing no symptoms, so people won’t realise until it’s too late and the adults get infected and them too could of passed it at their job and so on.

This could be changed I understand that we need to keep the economy going and it’s just a logistical nightmare, if every country printed money at the same time, then it shouldn’t cause to much problems with currency values to help keep things going until we have a better strategy in place or we are going to keep seeing rises in cases.

It’s important that we keep population proximity to a minimum to slow the spread of the virus, children and young people may be less effected or show no symptoms but they can still carry the infection unknowingly, the high population of a school or university is too high to congregate together and runs the risk of setting an incubation setting and contaminating large numbers, this can be more dangerous because of the fact that they show no symptoms, we need to keep opening up the country to as low a populated area as possible, and also to as localized as possible, to stop it being spread into other areas.

There is options for air filtration devices Ozone filters and attenuation devices, there is also UV-C light that can be used as an air sterilizer to sanitize the air in the room and hall ways.

Maybe we could set up a video link lesson for classes to continue, most school and university work is written and coursework, not all things can be done like this like science and engineering and so on but the theory side of these could continue so there more prepared for when they return, we only need to keep the younger ones stimulated really not into geniuses.

Teachers could still go to the school under PPE protected settings and carry out the lesson through video link, most people or children have access to a phone or a tablet or smart TV and the ones who don’t we could purchase large numbers cheaply for a basic tablet to perform the task.

Children jump around and they are not as conscious minded as adults to remember to always wear a mask or keep to one side, they get excited and play fight, grab their hair, eat crayons, also with the crossing in halls, this is a risk and we need to shut the schools and universities until we have eradicated the virus, or at least got control, I wrote this before you allowed the schools to re-open so I’ve still added it for reference and it would still help if we was to close them just for now to stop the risk of increased infection rates.

Care homes can be difficult, I think that they could use better masks for the staff either a N100 N95 or KN95 respirator style masks with a vent also they should have a LAMP test twice a week, any visitors could have a LAMP test before entry and keeping visitors to a minimum, the virus will be coming in from staff and visitors, the visitors could be tested before entry and the staff tested twice a week, I think a lot of care homes had no COVID cases until they were vaccinated, I know most places have vaccinated the elderly but in future this could be in place to stop the booster jabs, if cases rise and get out of hand again then the visitors must be stopped, and the staff should be testing every day before entry.




Prisons are seeing a rise in cases, there needs to be better protocols for how prisons operate, all items, post and visitors unless they can be tested using a point of care test to ensure no one is taking in the infection, if we are seeing dramatic increases then the only option is any prisoners that have shown great remorse and are nearing the end of their sentence could be released early under tag and curfew probation conditions, to help free up some space to help single cell occupancies, together with all staff and guards having to have point of care testing, to ensure that no infection is taken into the prison, I know in other countries they have released prisoners as there rate of infection has grown so fast and it was the only way they felt they could avoid this, I think this method would be a better choice to deal with the situation. The testing and PPE would have to extend to all staff from key workers, psychologists, probation workers, solicitors, guards all of them cooks anyone at all that enters the prisons needs to be checked first to ensure the rate of infection doesn’t climb to fast.




This is mainly for third world countries, there are serious problems, in some countries their hospitals are shacks, if they have one, this is going to be very difficult to handle ill people, and infection rates, there are many prefabrication companies that can erect modular buildings, they don’t have to be kitted out just basic facilities will be much better than what they already have to help treat and combat and most importantly isolate to stop the spread of the virus.

Whilst on topic about third world countries I do see the logistical benefit’s from using a prevention vaccine, the safest way to do this is to either just give them the antibody, and the m-TORc inhibitors will relay the information to the marrows and thus take away the pre-antibody trial giving the same effect as the vaccine, or monoclonal antibodies is much safer than the mRNA catastrophe, again I think a prevention vaccine or cocktail may strike up protests, but if there is no option these would be the safest way to give them the antibody sequencing needed, or by using UN, UNICEF the hospitals or doctoral services in these areas, then we could use the same treatments as the rest of the world maybe by helping with resources, logistics, infrastructure and so on.




I think this is defiantly an area of concern, the most important thing is getting the patient diagnosed before entry, as from my research I have found that patients are being put on the wrong wards sometimes, when a patient arrives with suspected COVID it can be challenging as it’s difficult to place them in a ward if your struggling for space, if your waiting for results there's two current scenarios, do you put the patient in a non-COVID ward, and run of risk of the test coming back positive and infecting the rest of non-COVID patients, or do you put them in a COVID ward when there’s a chance that they don’t have-COVID and risk contacting COVID, I think the generalised idea is that it’s better to infect one rather than infect a few in a non-COVID ward, this isn’t fair as people are contracting COVID in hospitals.

It may be difficult to find space like a waiting room while we obtain results as hospitals are running out of space and don’t have spare rooms, also testing if using PCR can take 6 hours if it can be done at the hospital and a day or two if externally done.

We need point of care testing at least LAMP, and if possible a very well ventilated waiting point at the hospital with full high grade PPE to avoid contamination, if struggling for space before entry they could be taken to an outdoor gazebo or tent style hut until a point of care test has been carried out, the best way really would be for the ambulance to be able to perform the test on the way so that their diagnosed ready for when they arrive, a LAMP test will not be able to do this in the short ambulance delivery times in most cases, so a very quick molecular test like the Abbott laboratories one would be beneficial to avoiding this problem, I think a lot of hospitals do or maybe have a waiting room and can provide the PPE needed for a patient while they wait for the results so that they cannot be at risk of passing infection, this is a big problem if using PCR tests or any test that takes some time as where do you put the patient whilst the results are being obtained.

I think we also definitely need more care with the results, triple checking to make sure it’s shown as detected, some are coming up positive but below they will say not detected and it can be confusing using the digital readout it may be overlooked or just missed, I have seen a NYC nurse’s video showing the readout showing not detected twice but at the top of the readout it’s been marked as COVID and their going in a Covid ward, we need to take extra care on checking the results and finding a very quick point of care molecular testing method.




I have attached a file on a new cancer cure alternative, that patients can take without having to go to the hospital and taking up the resources that are being used for the COVID crisis, I understand there are legalities and prohibition laws surrounding this as the cure I’m talking about involves using cannabis, there are many oils on the market most of which won’t do anything against cancer, the highest strength you can but is 20% CBD and is usually made from a hemp or the wrong plant, there’s only a very small few that actually use a correct plant, even those are very low strength they state 10% or 20% and it’s marketed as CBD oil, most of the product is water, or some other kind of oil, so really it’s not even CBD oil it’s just has a little bit of CBD oil in it, and these are being marketed as CBD oil, when the main substance isn’t CBD, it’s false advertising, and uneducated science are bounded by prohibition laws, so we need to get the correct science behind this, I know of a way of producing 99.9% refined CBD using a CBD ratio of 30:1 CBD:THC, along with another oil Nigella Sativa and a few nootropics to enhance the CB1 receptors or inhibitors, the body makes Anandamide from the CB1 receptors after it has interacted with the CB1 receptors in the hippocampus area of the brain, the Anandamide then gets converted into ceramide, and uses apoptosis to granulate the cancer or broken cells, this can reduce Malignant cells also, I have attached a file on the methodology for this.

This maybe something for the future or if it’s achievable we could do it soon.





UV-C light can be used in many ways and can help greatly especially at the moment, using UV-C light rooms for PPE may be a patch we can put on until a high-volume order or machinery arrived and started production.

This is also useful for anything entering or leaving the country to help with decontamination in an efficient way, from stock, supplies or any products that leave or enter would need to have 72 hours quarantine, or by using a UV-C light room with rails and rotation you could sterilize PPE and products needed.

UV-C light could also be used on buses, trains all transport even in supermarkets and this could probably be implemented on street level similar to street lighting to sterilize the air and surrounding surfaces, tower blocks in hall ways, lifts, offices, anywhere where people are this will also kill many other germs and viruses in the air and keep all surfaces sterilised at all times.

Maybe future or current efforts could use the street lighting bulbs or led (pending), UV-C light can also be used to illuminate the lungs to kill of any bacterium or infection utilizing an endoscope with a UV-C light on the end, could carefully deliver UV-C light into the lungs, this would be best in pulses of light like a strobe, to prevent the deterioration of the natural lining of the lungs and the mucus, remembering that the role of mucus’s is not only to collect the viruses and particles but we are meant to excrete this from out systems, it’s pointless leaving or swallowing the mucus as its trapped viruses and germs.




We are seeing exponential rising in cases in most countries, I’m going to point out some areas of transmission that are overlooked and will aid in the elimination of the virus granted this plan is quite complex but if we could do as much of it as possible in as many countries as possible it may be possible to eradicate the virus, eradication seems impossible, canister masks would eradicate the virus, but in this section I will point out areas of transmission that are over looked and also give some answers for possible solutions not this will also help in future for elimination of all viruses and bacteria in a world where super bugs and antibacterial resistance is becoming more prominent.

Handel's on entrance doors, handles on car doors taxi doors, poles on buses and trains, buttons on lifts, entrances to buildings, cash machine buttons, traffic lights pedestrian buttons, touch screen services payment in shops, tower block buzzer bells, petrol pumps.

These are all places where people touch in high numbers and run the risk of passing transmission of the virus, they can be replaced or coated with copper or copper plates, and there is also the option for UV-C light clamps or lights to shine onto these surfaces, if you think how many people touch cash machine buttons or the bell on a bus it is very high numbers going forwards if they had UV-C light shining on them or copper plates stuck on or replaced with copper surfaces this would eliminate any viruses or bugs supper bugs from being on these surfaces.

It may be worth doing swab tests on all these areas in many places just to see if they are harbouring corona virus. If not then there is no rush, if they do show then these things could be put in place distributed to the organisations that own these things, and also it would be good for future containing as we are seeing rising in all viruses flu clod corona bugs and super bugs so these would be an area to look at going forwards.



I’ll start with restaurants, there is an emergency with economy and keeping businesses going, if too many go bust, the benefit system won’t be able to pay for all the extra claims, so we need to be able to keep things going, here are a few ideas to help keep you going, firstly if possible offer takeaway services, set up a subscription maybe for loyal customers, build an online webpage and run the restaurant in the day as well doing deliveries and subscription services, but the best thing really is if your indoor and not alfresco there are tests available Abbott laboratories have a very quick test between 5 to 15 minuets for a result, and there’s also a LAMP test that can be done at point of care in less than an hour, this may seem a task but with a socially distanced cue and testing before entry it could help get a couple of extra customers, I know it’s going to be awkward especially in places like New York city, London and any built up areas, you’ll have regulars that will support you through this, combine these strategies and it should be enough to keep you going.

Also, you could set up online tutoring offering low paid lessons say for instance Michelin star restaurant could teach people some food techniques it not going to be many but combined it may help a little.

If your alfresco you could still operate safely.




Tell everyone to get zinc and vitamins and make sure their levels are high, protein power shakes are good for L-glutamines and branch chain amino acids. Vitamin D is important as a prevention there is a vitamin D deficiency around the globe.

Salt osmosis, gargling salt will help prevent from viruses. Using antiseptic mouth spray.

Create a partial staggered lockdown with LAMP loop mediated isothermal amplification testing. Or NAAT’s RT-LAMP reverse transcript-loop mediated isothermal amplification.

LAMP or RT-LAMP tests in airports before entry into the building, all public congregational areas restaurants and so on before entry.

All testing needs or should be done outdoors in an open-air environment to stop the spread in testing settings.

Regulate correct protective masks and distancing N100, KN95 or KN99 or above as most masks are inadequate and don’t protect small microns.

Tell the media to take a more subtle approach, all information comes from the one same source no confusion an update once a day, not all-day every channel every bus every shop, we all know to keep distance, speakers in every shop, supermarket, bus, travel, radio, TV, it’s causing global anxiety.

Cure only the ill with Silver, UV-C light. Mega dosing vitamin D & C, or harvested antibodies as a top up. Blood thinners if needed to prevent clots.

Screen everybody, comb through the population and find the ill and take for treatment therapy.

Balance the lockdown to the number of arrivals to hospital, cure only the ill, so hopefully no fatalities, Use LAMP or similar point of care molecular testing screening.

We need molecular tests only, to find live infections, antibody tests will not help. Unless they are cheap and easy for people at home to perform,

then we could send them out and if any show positive, then they can get a more accurate test done.

We need to stop Brexit as it’s putting more divide and it’s defiantly not working for logistics, stop all global trade sanctions, this is adding extra stress to nations who are all really struggling, making more tensions that could escalate in the current climate of anguish and animosity.

Help third world with prefab modular facilities so they can administer therapy.

Print money and give to the poorest and less fortunate businesses to stop them closing down.




Nigella Sativa oil, Frankincense oil, Myrrh oil.

CBD oil.


KN99 mask or KN95 if possible full face canister masks for everyone in dense cities.

Lamp tests exit and entry for long travel, and entry for prolonged internal use like work school, every entry daily.

Print money.

Stop sanctions.

Stop Brexit.

Use UV-C light Ozone air filtration or & burn Frankincense to disinfect the air.

UV-C and cold plasma air conditioning & increase suction.

If needed harvested antibodies as top up, or fuse Schwann cell antibodies to give marrow instruction.

M.D.M.A for anxiety, depression, blood thinning to prevent clots or (aspirin warfarin if in doubt)

Silver, and or gold electrolysis, ingestion..


Some extra natural things for countries to use in hospital, we need to use all the tools possible to treat the people in hospital, I’m sure the cures above will work but I have added these as they all work against repository viruses and infections and there natural.





* N-acetyl cysteine

*Povidone Iodine


Using some citruses and salts can kill viruses in the nasal cavity and throat and could be a good line of defence in early stages of viral pathway, this would be a good way of stopping transmission if everybody used an antibacterial mouth spray or you could make your own if you don’t feel comfortable, if we used these as well as masks it would keep transmissions down and stop people getting ill, this would be a really good approach.

Povidone iodine spray or gargle.

Taffix spray.

Salt gargling.

Citrus sprays.

This next option may prove some controversy but it can have many benefits I’m going to talk about them all and also highlight it in other sections, the thing I’m talking about is MDMA medical grade micro dosing this will thin the blood and lowers blood pressure, this has so many benefits though as it also produces the highest amounts of serotonin from any product on the planet, serotonin has two benefits firstly it produces melatonin the active chemical produced by the pineal gland from the circadian cycle, this is released when we sleep, it’s main role is to recharge the body and has high anti inflammatory properties so by releasing more into the body it can benefit the regulatory systems, secondly serotonin is the happy hormone associated with euphoria and tranquillity this can elevate a patients mood it’s a happy hormone and will stop peoples anxiety caused from the pandemic and lockdown, it’s the best antidepressant there is, it cures bipolar, PTSD, paranoia, panic attacks and most importantly in this situation Anxiety, at the moment where seeing higher domestic abuse higher anti socialism higher anger and social problems this could help massively in those areas too currently this is an illegal substance and should be legalised for medical and defiantly mental health as it sets up your intrusive thought processes without cognitive behavioural therapy so it can really transform peoples insecurities and cure at the same time, Also serotonin increases cognition and will make your immune system work faster.

Also, Aluminium may cause central nervous problems we really need to take this seriously as there is a risk in a few years, most vaccines have always used aluminium to trigger an immune reaction, for the past 70 years Aluminium has been used apparently with no side effects, there are deaths and side effects for some reason, it is used as an adjuvant, but if the vaccine is only to deliver the spike protein then the body will go through the pre antibody trial usually of 5 day’s then it will have the information for the correct antibody so it doesn’t really make sense to have an adjuvant, the body will notice there is a new spike protein in the body just the same as if it has a new virus, it will detect the spike protein so it makes no sense to have an adjuvant to activate something that will automatically activate each time a new radical cell enters the body, no medicine should make you ill or die, personally I think medicine in general needs a different approach.




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Cancer effects 1 in 2 people in a life time 50% of us will unfortunately get some form of cancer in our life time, it can be a dark lonely place to be in when your diagnosed with cancer.

Many factors in lifestyle choices like smoking and also your job type like inhaling silicas or chemicals can contribute to someone getting cancer,

In this section we are going to talk about alternative medicine that is 100% natural and explain a different way to approach cancer, a different way to use the body and the function of the endocannabinoid system.


We will also go over some current techniques that are currently used in medicine, and show a recombination that will give better results.

We will also talk about diet and the importance of PH levels in the gut, and the enzymes in the liver.





The best and most potent form of CBD oil.

First you will need a very high CBD content plant I have found that ACDC or Charlotte's Web so far to be the most potent this oil I’m describing IS NOT the Charlotte’s Web oil, I chose this plant purely because it has the highest CBD content in the world so far it usually has a 30:1 ratio usually 30%CBD and less than 1% THC. But most efforts produce 20%.


ACDC has 1% THC & 18% CBD average.

Charlotte's Web 0.06% THC & 20%CBD average.

Its best to over grow the plant by a couple of weeks to help bring out the cannabinoids and you will be best to cure it for a week or two, you will need about 1KG of dried bud matter.


You then break up the buds and agitate the bud matter in a troft full of benzine to strip the cannabinoids from the plant, then remove the bud matter scoop it out with a net.

You can use pure proof alcohol, but this can leave a residue and Benzine seems to work best.

Next you will need to heat up the Benzine slowly using the lowest temperature to start the evaporation process, eventually you will have burnt most of the Benzine off leaving you with a tar like substance, this will then need to be transported to a small alloy bowl and placed onto a coffee heater or similar slow heating device and heat until there is no bubbles released in the oil for 20 to 30 minuets when you reach this stage you should have refined 99.9% CBD oil.

Then you will need to place this in the oven at 180 degrees for about 45 minuets this is one to make sure all the benzine is extracted and like forging it will help align the elements structure.

You should be left with 99.9% CBD oil with little or no THC from the most potent CBD plant on the market, this will interact not block the CB1 receptors in the hippocampus part of the brain that is also connected to the CB2 receptors found in the lower abdomen this is the endocannabinoid system it works in harmony with the immune system and can boost the immunity levels.

What this will do is the uptake of CBD in the CB1 receptors will in turn produce Anandamide the body then converts this into Ceramide the roll of Ceramide is to find or hunt for broken cells, it then completes the Cell and shuts off the mitochondria energy and through a process of apoptosis (programmed cell death) to granulate the Cancer cells or broken or distorted cells, and this oil can reduce malagiment Cells in all stages it will also act like an exfoliation internally in the body removing old cells that can collect similar to cookies in a computer program, these cookies can collectively cause problems, so also it will balance out the levels of antigen and will help the body in may ways in boosting the immune system and elevating Ceramide to granulate broken distorted Cells, this is very effective and a safe way to treat Cancer.


Combining this treatment with Nigella Sativa Black seed oil organic cold pressed is best practice they will work together.


The next step is to enhance the receptors through sterotonic neuron nerve growth using Ashwagandha root powder, Bacopa Monnieri, Gotu Kola, and also Gingko Biloba this will help grow the dendrites neurons axons and nerves but most importantly the receptors this can take a little to time to show results but combining all of these is best practice to start you will need.


Ashwagandha Root Powder       250MG increasing to 500MG after induction.

Bacopa Monnieri                        250MG increasing to 500MG after induction.

Gotu Kola                                   250MG increasing to 500MG after induction.

Gingko Biloba                            250MG increasing to 500MG after induction.

CBD oil pea sized amount 2 to 3 times a day (there no limit really)

Nigella Sativa 1 Table spoon a day or split morning and night.


This will also help blood diseases as the are lots of alkaloids present the roll of alkaloids is to remove infections and free-radicles out of the system also the high levels of Thymonoquine (TQ) Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial properties, these are just a few to mention but combined we are looking at a very potent powerful beneficial oil one in reducing cancers but this would be brilliant in a prevention to have in any circumstances.


Written in house by Alistair MacGregor.

Please contact me for more info.



(melittin powder in lipids).

(car-t cells). chimeric antigen receptor t cells


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