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In this section you will find a new way to treat and cure cancer using natural medicine, using the endocannabinoid system, nootropics and diet.

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Cancer Treatments

Cancer effects 1 in 2 people in a life time 50% of us will unfortunately get some form of cancer in our life time, it can be a dark lonely place to be in when your diagnosed with cancer.

Many factors in lifestyle choices like smoking and also your job type like inhaling silicas or chemicals can contribute to someone getting cancer,


In this section we are going to talk about alternative medicine that is 100% natural and explain a different way to approach cancer, a different way to use the body and the function of the endocannabinoid system.


We will also go over some current techniques that are currently used in medicine, and show a recombination that will give better results.

We will also talk about diet and the importance of PH levels in the gut, and the enzymes in the liver.







The best and most potent form of CBD oil.

First you will need a very high CBD content plant I have found that ACDC or Charlotte's Web so far to be the most potent this oil I’m describing IS NOT the Charlotte’s Web oil, I chose this plant purely because it has the highest CBD content in the world so far it usually has a 30:1 ratio usually 30%CBD and less than 1% THC. But most efforts produce 20%.


ACDC has 1% THC & 18% CBD average.

Charlotte's Web 0.06% THC & 20%CBD average.

Its best to over grow the plant by a couple of weeks to help bring out the cannabinoids and you will be best to cure it for a week or two, you will need about 1KG of dried bud matter.


You then break up the buds and agitate the bud matter in a troft full of benzine to strip the cannabinoids from the plant, then remove the bud matter scoop it out with a net.

You can use pure proof alcohol, but this can leave a residue and Benzine seems to work best.

Next you will need to heat up the Benzine slowly using the lowest temperature to start the evaporation process, eventually you will have burnt most of the Benzine off leaving you with a tar like substance, this will then need to be transported to a small alloy bowl and placed onto a coffee heater or similar slow heating device and heat until there is no bubbles released in the oil for 20 to 30 minuets when you reach this stage you should have refined 99.9% CBD oil.

Then you will need to place this in the oven at 180 degrees for about 45 minuets this is one to make sure all the benzine is extracted and like forging it will help align the elements structure.

You should be left with 99.9% CBD oil with little or no THC from the most potent CBD plant on the market, this will interact not block the CB1 receptors in the hippocampus part of the brain that is also connected to the CB2 receptors found in the lower abdomen this is the endocannabinoid system it works in harmony with the immune system and can boost the immunity levels.

What this will do is the uptake of CBD in the CB1 receptors will in turn produce Anandamide the body then converts this into Ceramide the roll of Ceramide is to find or hunt for broken cells, it then completes the Cell and shuts off the mitochondria energy and through a process of apoptosis (programmed cell death) to granulate the Cancer cells or broken or distorted cells, and this oil can reduce malagiment Cells in all stages it will also act like an exfoliation internally in the body removing old cells that can collect similar to cookies in a computer program, these cookies can collectively cause problems, so also it will balance out the levels of antigen and will help the body in may ways in boosting the immune system and elevating Ceramide to granulate broken distorted Cells, this is very effective and a safe way to treat Cancer.


Combining this treatment with Nigella Sativa Black seed oil organic cold pressed is best practice they will work together.


The next step is to enhance the receptors through sterotonic neuron nerve growth using Ashwagandha root powder, Bacopa Monnieri, Gotu Kola, and also Gingko Biloba this will help grow the dendrites neurons axons and nerves but most importantly the receptors this can take a little to time to show results but combining all of these is best practice to start you will need.


Ashwagandha Root Powder       250MG increasing to 500MG after induction.

Bacopa Monnieri                        250MG increasing to 500MG after induction.

Gotu Kola                                   250MG increasing to 500MG after induction.

Gingko Biloba                            250MG increasing to 500MG after induction.

CBD oil pea sized amount 2 to 3 times a day (there no limit really)

Nigella Sativa 1 Table spoon a day or split morning and night.


This will also help blood diseases as the are lots of alkaloids present the roll of alkaloids is to remove infections and free-radicles out of the system also the high levels of Thymonoquine (TQ) Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial properties, these are just a few to mention but combined we are looking at a very potent powerful beneficial oil one in reducing cancers but this would be brilliant in a prevention to have in any circumstances.


Written in house by Alistair MacGregor.

Please contact me for more info.



(melittin powder in lipids).

(car-t cells). chimeric antigen receptor t cells


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