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In this section you will find alternative ways to treat, cure and cope with mental health, we will also talk about cognitive behavioural therapy, and also, cures and treatments.

These treatments can also be used for brain damage after a stroke, motor neuron disease, brain defects, fibromyalgia, memory loss and much more, any brain neuron functionality problem and also mental health.

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Mental health effects nearly all of us at some time in our lives, it can be a dark, lonely and confusing place with no exit, there are so many different ways in which it is treated, some of them are very damaging to someone's mental health, depending on how bad it is depends on how it can be treated, mental health wards or unit style is defiantly not a good way to treat mental health.

Some people are taken to these facilities and fed different drugs until they find one that supresses them or keeps them calm, then we have over the counter drugs to treat mild forms of mental health like depression, these too are not very good.


There is however cognitive behavioural therapy available, it is expensive and there are not any people trained in it, it can be hard to find and too expensive for most, there is however a new way that is not used in medicine, it involves using a drug called MDMA, in this case study we will be talking about how MDMA can fix 50% of mental health, we will be talking about CBT cognitive behavioural therapy, intrusive thoughts and thought patterns, to help give people education on how to treat many forms of mental health, this can be open to psychologists who want to learn, or anyone who feels they are in need of answers, we will go into a simplistic way of how the brain works and chooses your intrusive thoughts that set you up for a thought pattern, we will teach skills on how to retrain the intrusive thoughts and how to balance the minds chemicals and create a happier thought process using MDMA, CBT therapy and diet.

We will teach a new kind of CBT and give you the tools needed to use this in an effective way, unfortunately MDMA is illegal so this is up for debate, but I myself have cured, Depression, Bi-polar, anxiety, paranoia and PTSD using MDMA crystal, this case study will be written in the best way how to treat mental health, no journals or medical data just real life, the real way to treat mental health, I will give scientific terms on how the MDMA works and how it increases serotonin & L-dopa levels substantially, we will also talk about foods and diet and other ways to increase your serotonin and L-dopa levels but there is nothing that will compare to MDMA, we should really talk about sativa strains of cannabis as they can also be beneficial in mental health, sativa releases different cannabinoids compared to Indica strains, again this is nothing compared to MDMA.

All we really need to do with most mental health is jog the memory or open new neuron pathways in the brain to help it pick a different spark pattern   (different circuitry) this will also help create the chemicals in the brain, your thoughts create the chemicals in your brain, and the chemicals can create the thoughts in your brain, it's like when an accident happens and you get shock, that instant the shock creates different chemicals in the brain, adrenalin, cortisol, ect.. you get an instant energy boost in your body even when you are tired, its a similar process with mental health, if your surrounded by bad things all the times it can make you depressed, depression is not only an under cognition as the mind has gone lazy, it is a depletion or underactivity of serotonin and L-dopa, these low levels can cause fatigue, low self esteem, mood swings and depression, the first step to recovery is by increasing the serotonin and L-dopa levels, this can be done in two ways or best with both, the first is something amazing happens like you win the lottery this cause will give you the same energy as shock just without the negative side, the same kind of rush that energises the body, so by changing your life like a new job a new car finding love going on holiday these can cause the chemicals to increase as you have enhanced the environmental impact from your surroundings that makes you happy and is helping release the right chemicals, this is ideology of mental health not specifically telling you to get a new car ect.. 

The next way is to enhance the chemicals by taking medicine or diet, Mucuna beans can elevate the L-dopa by 15% there are lots of foods that can help elevate the L-dopa and serotonin levels, there are herbs roots and spices that can elevate the levels not only that but also grow dendrites and help balance the hemispheres symmetry in the brain to help cognition, things like gingko biloba, Bacopa Monnieri, Gotu Kola and Ashwaghanda root power these are all powerful nootropics that can help grow neurons and dendrites it the brain, these will help cognition and shorten the spark gaps so the brain uses or needs less energy to work correctly, its like an engine the cooler the brain the better, so with this shorter spark gaps if we increase the spark like a new spark plug on a car we can increase the brain power and functionality, if we do this at the same time and retraining the brains spark pattern we can fix mental health, so the best way to increase the sparks power is to increase the serotonin and L-dopa levels this is best with MDMA.

Taking MDMA for just one month will dramatically improve most mental health, this will have retrained the intrusive thoughts to think happier and more positively, so after one month you should have reset the spark pattern or neuro links through familiarity, and so you can stop the MDMA and you will be cured, this methodology that I am describing is not really a therapy as such, it is a cure to fix it, it can be used as therapy and you can carry on taking it ongoingly, getting the right amount is key but ideally you want to feel it with some strength, micro dosing is not the way, you want to train up to the amount to see what you are good with, but you want to feel the effect quite strongly, this can also grow dendrites and neurons, and is also effective against cancer and viruses, MDMA releases a lot of melatonin, melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, the pineal gland is also governed by serotonin L-dopa and light, this usually charges it and melatonin gets released when you are asleep, increasing this chemical is not only beneficial for your health but it can also fight disease and viruses, melatonin can be used to fight cancer as well, so by increasing these three chemicals in the brain, serotonin, L-dopa and melatonin we can increase the functionality very easily and also manage the brains intrusive thought patterns with the new spark pattern, each intrusive thought will have a different spark pattern, its like a path of lightning in the brain and it takes different shapes in the lighting branches, this will open up new neuron links or open up memories on the way you used to be, when you was happy or so on. 

Increasing the sparks power, shortening the spark gap, and growing new dendrites to open up the brain, whilst also improving neuron and dendrite symmetry through serotonergic neuron growth will help it actively connect with more efficiency and a more even spark delivery, like the timing of a car the brain has timing too, if both the lightning paths don't land at the ending at the same time if there needed in groups to deliver an action then there is a slight disfunction, only a slight one, but, this can effect everything even motor skills like movements of limbs ect. depending on what area off the brain or how damaged the brain is, with brain problems like, after a stroke or brain damage the same treatment can be used to rebuild the neuron pathways in a process called serotonergic neuron growth.

Now we also should talk about diet as the neurons and dendrites are made up from tiny proteins and amino acids, so it is important to also try and eat the right diet, I'm not going to give a full diet plan or say the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest, I'm just going to point out some super foods that will help in either elevating the L-dopa, serotonin and melatonin levels, or will help with the protein and amino acids to rebuild these areas, whey protein is a good start as long as it contain BCAA'S the full list of branch chain amino acids, its also a great source of proteins, spirulina ( blue green algae ) is also going to be very beneficial, this is the most nutritious and nutrient filled food on the planet, Moringa powder from the moringa tree leaves is also on this level, Mucuna beans can increase the L-dopa levels by 15%, dark chocolate also increase serotonin levels, so combining this with the nootropics listed above Gingko Biloba, Gotu Kola, Bacopa Monnieri, Ashwaghanda Root Powder, we can fix the material mind, then we can fix the spiritual mind with spark gaps and spark power otherwise known as cognition, the other part is CBT therapy by physical resetting or guiding the thought process, training to act on a different intrusive thought ready for the spiral of thought process, this is subconscious programming, at can go very deep, I personally don't think its good to go deep into memories if its a trauma or child hood trauma, this can enhance the negative effects as it will make it more vivid and more memorable, just good things is best, retrain the mind to think in a good way, the more you remind of the bad, negative or painful effects then the more you will trigger these spark patterns, this should only be done if there is a personality change and your looking for how they used to be, or what made them change, to use the information from their past memories to rebuild there intrusive thoughts, I think that training happier intrusive thoughts is the best way, it is always going to be the best, reminding and amplifying the negative or traumatic thoughts is only going to cause a stronger neuro pathway to these thoughts becoming more vivid and harder to forget, I personally think it is best to retrain a new intrusive happier thoughts where as many psychologists will try and go back to these events making it worse in many instances.

The basics of what most CBT therapists will do is ask you to remember when you were happiest and think of a memory and focus on it, maybe ask you to pick an object out of the setting, imagine the memory is a photograph and there's object in the environment, pick one that will remind you of this memory, something significant that will always take you back to this memory or time, this can be useful if you are trying to help someone remember how they used to be, it will help open there old thought patterns through familiarity they will think of the thoughts they used to, so then they might say lets take that image and they will tell you to use this as a trigger to remind you of a neuron pathway, the problem is remembering to do this, that's what the training is there for, but other ways would be to draw that image or get a picture of it and keep it in your purse for instance, so every time you open it you see it, after a while you might remember to keep looking at it, then you will have slightly altered the thought process by this point, then you find another memory and so on, this is layered CBT re-building, opening up the neuron pathways, this is good for stroke victims or people with memory loss, music can also remind you of memories that made you feel happy, it can take you back to years ago and you remember your friends and party's or similar settings, this method can also be used for mental health like depression, CBT is the current best way to retrain the mind, but it is so much more effective with MDMA as the chemicals have increased the serotonin L-dopa and melatonin levels dramatically and it will actively make the mind think of happier thoughts, this will make it a lot easier to to direct the thought patterns into happier more positive directions opening up new spark pathway neuro links, this is just the basis but combing these methods with the diets, and the above nootropics and the MDMA you will find that you can cure 60% of all mental health with no side effects, milder forms of mental health like PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Bi-polar and paranoia, but may not totally cure the more damaged mental health, I will talk about schizophrenia later on, schizophrenia is a bombardment of intrusive thoughts at the same time like a crash in your brain, I will come back to this later on, but for now we will just focus on PTSD, depression, anxiety, bi polar and paranoia, these are light mental health, mainly spiritual and not as material as the heavier mental health like schizophrenia.

So here we have the final section on curing the mind this is going to focus on cells in the brain, your myelin sheath your Schwann cells, your old broken cell that can collect like cookies on a computer, we going to talk about using apoptosis in old broken cells, and also stopping cell decay and re-grow new cells, CBD can remove the old broken cell through a process called apoptosis, these old broken incomplete cells can cause a problem if there is too many just like cookies on a computer, using CBD oil will remove these cells creating more room it does this by the anandamide the body makes after the CB1 inhibitors have been interacted with, the anandamide then gets converted into ceramide, ceramides role in the body is to find broken incomplete cells and through a process of apoptosis we can reduce the old cells. 


The next thing is nigella sativa oil, this stops cell decay, this regrows Schwann cells, it removes creases from myelin sheath and also helps in the protein building of the dendrites and neurons, it is also a master anti-inflammatory to it will reduce any inflammation in the cells in the brain, this added with the gingko biloba will help massively as the gingko biloba helps with oxygen circulation especially in the brain it also helps with direct supply of oxygen through the blood brain barrier BBB, feeding the cells with oxygen will help them function and slow down cell decay, it will also help with the temperature and cognition of the brain, this treatment of Nigella Sativa can also be used to treat motor neurons disease, reduces mutations in the Schwann cells in the myelin sheath.

Combining all these areas will fix the brain materially, spiritually, and chemically, and also on a biomolecular level with cell culture, there is also exercise that can help grow dendrites and release different chemicals, NAC acid or N-Acetyl cysteine, will also help reduce the ROS reactive oxygen species and help repair cells, and also downgrade any toxins or heavy metals, 

Now lets look at the Ayurvedic side, were not going into dosha's, or the chakras energy, or Hz, were going to focus on the base metals that the body needs, a lot of modern Ayurveda uses toxic chemicals and metals that should never be used, you're meant to use these base metals, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium and potassium, having the right levels of these will help the cells in the body massively, and will create better chemicals made by the brain, the nootropics mentioned above, Ashwaghanda root powder, Bacopa monnieri, Gotu kola and Ginkgo Biloba will also help as mentioned above.

How MDMA reacts with the receptors 

MDMA looks similar to serotonin, it mimics the signature to enter via the serotonin transporters SERT.


This then disturbs VMAT that stores serotonin in the vesicles ( VMAT Inhibition ), once the serotonin is then released from the vesicles it collects with the nerve membrane or the cytosol.


MDMA blocks the intakes channels or the gated ion channels and then SERT is only working on the releasing channels or transporters releasing channels, in effect you could say it reverses the direction of SERT combined, and with this reversal it prevents the re-uptake of serotonin.


This then increases the serotonin levels in the synaptic cleft channel between the neurons meaning more serotonin can be absorbed by the postsynaptic neuron ion channels and G protein coupled receptors, this then increases the serotonin firing spark rate with the serotonin receptors giving you constant firing, non stop cognition between the neuron, the presynaptic terminal and the postsynaptic neuron.


Here we can see a diagram of the two neurons the pre synaptic terminal and the dendrite or the post synaptic neuron, the increase of chemicals is present in the synaptic cleft channel

Here we have a diagram showing the serotonin transporters, SERT channels, the vesicles, also showing the dendrite post synaptic neurons ligand-gated ion channels with the G-protein-coupled receptors where the serotonin uptake absorption happens.


The more serotonin produces or sent by the SERT channels from the presynaptic terminal the more the postsynaptic neuron or dendrite can absorb.


Increasing the spark rate or cognition between the channels increasing the absorption and production of serotonin and L-dopa, this will give a non stop firing of the neuron pathway.


Perfect for treating mental health and trying to balance the brain chemicals, this is a natural way of doing CBT therapy as it will naturally pick better intrusive thoughts because of this abundance of serotonin. 

nruro sciece neuro transmitters and gated ion channels.png

How Schwann cells protect and interfere with the axon and impulses

Here are some diagrams of the neurons and dendrites, they show Schwann cells and myelin sheaths and how they protect or the Axon, if inflamed the Schwann cells can restrict the electrical communication along the axons in the neurons.


This is where you should start when treating motor neuron disease, under cognition, brain damage or any other brain injuries.


Nigella Sativa oil can reduce the swelling in the Schwann cells and fix any creases in the myelin sheath, giving the axon more room to send the impulses without any disruptions.

MDMA can also help with the impulses by increasing the spark power, Nigella Sativa along with MDMA and the nootropics to grow the dendrites and neurons can shorten the spark gap, increase the spark power and take away any swelling in the myelin sheath.

typical neuron with Schwann cells.jfif

Structure of a typical Neuron


Motor Neuron

Here is a motor neuron, these deliver motor skills and impulses to muscle groups, motor neuron disease happens when the impulses stop and the muscle becomes dormant and doesn't work, this can cause paralysis and other problems.

You can see on the diagram where it says insulating sheath, this layer is the myelin sheath that protects the Axon, it is made up of Schwann cells, what can happen is the Schwann cells can get inflamed and restricts the axons impulses of electrical input, this causes a drastic under cognition or a misfire, if we have a miss fire then there is no cognition between the synapse, then no motor communication can be sent to the muscles thus causes a misfire and the muscle doesn't receive the impulse to tract or retract, causing them to go dormant, the longer this happens the harder it will be to use them again when treated as they will not have been used and the muscle fibres will be very weak, you may only use 5% of your muscle fibres when activated again and through physio therapy you can build them up again.

Mental health is an effect caused by a few variables, chemical imbalance, trauma, environmental aspects like poverty, grievance and your intrusive thoughts.

Intrusive thoughts are like a catalogue of thoughts that the brain produces, everybody has them, these circulate in the subconscious mind, the blueprint engine of the mind this is loaded with life and vision, everything from films to your surroundings in school or your upbringing, it all records in your subconscious mind, everybody has almost the same catalogue of intrusive thoughts, just some people decide to focus on different ones, some people's subconscious mind has had different programming and decides to pick think and act on different intrusive thoughts.

A good way to understand this is imagine going into a shop, a normally working mind will be thinking of what to buy, what's in the fridge, what song was on the radio in the car on the way to the shop, did I bring my credit card do I have enough money, where as lets say some one with anxiety will be thinking the opposite, they will be focused on how bright the lights are, they will be looking to see if people are looking at them, they will be trying to hide behind there clothing, there mind can sometimes go into panic mode and cause panic attacks, both sets of people will have the same intrusive thoughts, its like programming for a computer game, they all have the same info preloaded, there commands to act or think in a certain way, someone who is thinking differently will also have the same intrusive thoughts but they do not make it past the subconscious mind, they focus on the negative or bad thoughts, these initial thoughts are called intrusive thoughts which then lead to a thought process.


If someone says to you think about a car, your intrusive thoughts will picture a car, then the thought process will build the car, what type of car, what colour the car should be and so on, this is a thought spiral, so when someone gets an intrusive thought, if it is a bad one like anxiety, they will focus on the lights in the shop and how bright they are, then they will spiral into dark thoughts negative thinking, the spiral will continue they will think things like if people are looking at them, how do I look, can I hide behind my collar and so on, this can set a chain of events or thoughts that can lead to a panic attack.


This is where CBT cognitive behavioural therapy can be helpful, it teaches you to pick different intrusive thoughts and act on them basically thinking more positively, they give you skills to think different thought patterns that are more positive, this can be difficult as when they leave the session there is nothing to remind them to keep doing this and they slip back, the best way is to use cards with pictures that reminds them, like if you think back to a happy memory pick an object in the room that if your ever see that object it takes you back to that memory, well the same can be applied, so an anxious person going into a shop will have a picture card to look at and it will remind them, so this also goes in hand with chemical imbalances, serotonin, dopamine and so on.


Combining CBT therapy along with diet, nootropic medicines to grow dendrites, nigella sativa oil to reduce inflammation in the Schwann cells myelin sheath, CBD to rid old cells and using MDMA we can safely say that you can not only treat 60% of mental health, brain injuries, brain damage, brain disorders and much more but you can actually cure them.


MDMA is more for mental health than brain damage and so on, but the added serotonin and L-dopa can also help massively in these areas, the above nootropics and diet can also be used for treating and curing dementia and brain de-generation diseases.

Written in house by Alistair MacGregor.

Please check our other pages in the case studies section.

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Potassium is a base metal in the body, it is also and electrolyte meaning it help the electrical current and improves impulses in the synapse, it improves the electrical impulses in cells, and helps charge mitochondria,   

In neurology it will also help with the calcium voltage gains, and helps the vesicles, combined with sodium they work together with the electrical impulses in synapse 






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